Sunday, February 05, 2006
Everyone of us in my opinion is a resource powerhouse. Some of them in higher position or who have absorbed a lot of knowledge are much more powerful than the average person. The best thing about being resourceful is you have control over some certain thing. Some of my friends find me a very resourceful person because I know a lot of thing in a certain area. For me, I think my knowledge is still limited as there is a vast knowledge to be learned out there.

So, how do you gain resources? There are lots of ways to gain resources such as going to classes, meeting peoples, watching, observing but the most common and the best way to gain a substantial resources is by reading. I love reading since I was little, maybe my upbringing has lead me to be someone who loves to read, thank you mom. I am not an 'A++' student previously but I know my favourite subject. By the way I've heard from a quote somewhere that "Leader's are Readers", my boss doesn't read that much so maybe he is not really a leader type material..haha..

So, yesterday I spent my whole day learning about How To Make and Edit Your Own Video. The most time consuming process was the conversion part, took 1 hour just to convert from a tape form into my MMC Card using a compact digital TV recorder. Then another 3-4 hours just to convert from an ASF format (it's the default setting on the compact TV) to AVI format. Add another 1 hour just to learn how to use the Video Editing Software, then another 2 hours editing the video that I've converted. Another hour is spent on making the final edited video into MPEG and RealVideo format. 2 more hours to upload it onto some free video hosting which apparently failed. Altogether, I dedicated my whole day for a 10 minutes video of a BBQ Party I went last Tuesday. However I enjoyed every process that I've done as it is a self-satisfying learning curve. Now I know how to do it in lesser time if I have a project next time. Anyway, here is the final result (in RealVideo format):

Unfortunately for Malaysians, ZippyVideos is not available. You need to use some sort of Anonymous Proxy such as Guardster to get through. Still, you can manage to watch it by downloading the RealVideo files here. "BBQ di Rumah Santo Sg Penchala".

Going on to my career development, I am transitioning away from a functional organization (structured organization such as the normal boss-employee typo):

Functional Organization Structure

towards a Project Organizational Structure. The Project structure roughly looks lke this:

Project Management Structure Diagram

The difference between the two is that the people working under the Project Organizational Structure have less stairways to climb instead of the usual corporate ladder. Plus in a project environment, your qualification doesn't need to be high, all you need is some skill and you are on the job (of course you need some very good connection with the person responsible as well). It is perfect for me as I can do lots of different thing altogether instead of some mundane job. There is of course risk involved but I see this type of organization provides more advantage than the one I am working now.

Last night I've managed to finish an e-book about Forex Exchange, grasped some ideas about it and I'm going to put it to the test using a free demo account in the next several days. Other e-books that is on its way to be digested is:

Firewall For Dummies

Firewall for Dummies, I'm going to use this to further enhance my hacking ability since I'm going to be setting up a few servers and a system for the project (My project manager has no idea on how to set the thing up). I am a bit greedy ain't I??hehe....

Project Management Step By Step

This e-book is why I'm looking forward towards the transition. I think this would be my future career for the next several years to come.

Wishing you all the best in your endeavour.

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At 2/07/2006 05:13:00 am, Blogger Khyrel

I love to read but for-dummies guides, books like "how to build your business" and the likes always make me never finish up with the reading. well, my mom, IMHO, is a resorceful businessperson. i never see her keeping/reading any book of that sorts. she reads more literature books though.

is there no other way to convert the format? gosh! lama sungguh!