Friday, January 13, 2006
2 days I've been pressured by my employer. He doesn't seem to realize how he is giving me a lot of stress eventhough I've been giving him a lot of body languages. I guess he is too busy or too dumb to learn about psychology and how to read body & facial expression. I hate him for that. On the other hand, I give full credit to my new superior, a new Project Manager specially assigned for a special project the company has been long lobbying for. I like how he manages his own people including myself and progress further and moving on.

Recently, I have been made Project Coordinator. It's not an easy task having to juggle multiple jobs in a small company. Having a promotion doesn't mean having a raise on my salary. I still receive the same amount of pay without any future sign of any kind of pay raise. It is a dissapointing thing not being paid for the huge responsibility that I'm carrying. Still, I have to shift my focus elsewhere just to avoid thinking about my peanut's salary. My boss isn't considering anything for his own employee except for his well being. Eventhough he doesn't say anything, his action says everything if you ask me.

Yesterday morning was the most disturbing moment. I was bamboozled by the director of main contractor which is attached for the million dollar project. My boss was just in front of me but he didn't even bother to defend his own staff who has been working his ass to support the award of the project. He is too busy maintaining his high corporate image level that he even demoralized me for not doing the job properly. I guess he doesn't realized on the most valuable asset which is stated on his own company's profie, The Employees. I wish my project manager was there to defend my position unfortunately, I had to take the blame at that moment. It was so stressful, I even had created a few plans to jeoperdize the company or going on a solo strike. Luckily, I changed my mind on that because I have created much bigger plans for my own future. Thanks to my boss, I have now created small plans and big plans on how will I use my management level knowledge for my own leverage to get what I want in life later. Why do I have to care about the company who pays me so little. I have nothing to lose, right?

After all the stress, dissapproving, neck and neck yelling. It is time to take a break. It is a good thing just outside the view of my office, I can see this:

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