Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Silent Battle

Apparently, the free web host that I've subscribed to gave up on me. Free stuff online doesn't really last long, I've notice this for quite a while. Its all about the money these days. All the stuff these days are all about exposure, advertising and the holy dough that makes the world go round..MONEY..

It is not that I am a stingy person. I sold 2 domain names (RM40 each~USD10) and a web host (RM35/year~USD9) to a friend of mine. I totally can afford to have a domain name and a web host since its cheap now (my cost is only RM65 ~USD17 for both a .com domain name and a 50MB web host). It's just that I don't know what my domain name should be. If you want to buy a domain name or web host, it could be done. Just contact me, my profit is just peanuts but I can live with it..hehe..

BTW, I've moved my website to another temporary free webhost. You can go and check it out by clicking here. I am buying my own domain and hosting next month when I get my 'peanuts' salary. Anyway, I think I should just abandoned that website and let the search engines try to find it. I hate those banners they put on my page, same goes to my geocities page. If you don't know this, if you own a Yahoomail account, you definitely have a 15MB geocities webspace. Yahoo also gives you a lot more features than you can probably use. I myself underutilized all the features given.

In another unrelated occassion, I am in another silent war with my employer. It seems like my employer has some serious issues of 'Whats In It For Me' compared to 'Whats In It For Them' (that means, me and my other colleague). I am thinking of abandoning this company I am working for since my well being are being ignored. My role in the company is very important that if I don't come to work, the company would be dead. I think I should run my own company if that is the case.

It's tough being tested in the 'Ramadhan' Month. My emotion are swelled, my priorities shaken, my intellectual side being tarnish and most of all, my dream is becoming harder to reach. All the things that is left is hope. I hope my life would become better and I pray to god that it'll be over very soon.

Yours sincerely,


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