Monday, October 03, 2005

I can't wait for a new TV series titled 'LOST' replacing 'The Rebel Billionaire;Richard Branson' which is going to be aired tonight. I was a huge fan of 'Alias' and since the producer of this new series was also the producer of 'Alias', I would love to see what going on next.

Actually, my post here isn't about that TV Series. It's about myself, let's forget about my last post where I promised to give you some screenshots etc..The game has lost its appeal to me at the moment. I know this blog is mainly about me, so I can say whatever I want or whatever I feel. I also know that each and everyone of you who are reading my blog here, deep inside yourself, you are asking yourself "Whats in it for me?". If you've never asked that to yourself, I know you must be lying. Am I right?

Okay, I'm not feeling great today for some lovey-dovey irritating stuff that happened to me earlier today. When things go wrong in the inside, your outside is also affected. In my case, my focus was lost. I had to read my motivation books to regain my focus but didn't succeeded. I'm lost and for all that I know, I think sleep would be the best cure.

Enough about my inner self. It's been a while since I photoblog. Here's a few photo for you and I to see:

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Last Saturday, I went to Studio Akar Karya in Damansara Uptown. The studio is owned by Sheila Majid and her current husband (forgot his name already). It's a nice place if you are into music. My friend here (The one doing vocal) along with his band regularly holds a jamming session and asked me to join as a spectator. Actually, this was the second time I came, so it was not bad. It could be better if the place is was bigger..hehe..anyway, it was nice. I known him since back in my university years, he was my housemate.

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The one wearing the pink 'tudung' is my friend's girlfriend. (Sorry for the red eye, my camera is just a basic digital camera but with a maximum of 6.3 Megapixel..hehe) Personally, I like girls wearing that kind of tudung. If I'm not mistaken, it is called 'Tudung Gipsi'. Whatever it is, I like it very much, not my friend's girl but I'm sure going to suggest my girlfriend to wear them some day..hehe..

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My leg got numbed for sitting down on the floor too long while listening to my friends jamming session, so I went to get some drinks. Oh yes, my friend music genre is..I don't know what it is but they perform Gun & Roses, Smashing Pumpkins etc..I'm no alternative kind fan but I enjoy listening to them if the radio aired them...hehe..Back to the picture, I pass by this pet shop (Now I know that petshop can really make money ohh) and I saw these tiny turtles stacking themselves up. I don't know why, maybe they wanted to get out of the small aquarium. Pity for them, if they've ever succeeded getting out, I can guarantee they'll get squashed somewhere probably a feet away. The interesting fact is, they can grow quite large in just a couple of years. Amazing isn't it?

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I'm not sure if these are mouse or some hybrid little hamsters. They look so small that I wonder , will they ever survived if I get my hands on them? Anyway, I hate these pets. Not because I don't pity them, it's because of the hard work involve in raising and taking care of them. Besides, I hate their poo..wekkk..

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Some pets are such adorable creatures. Let me introduce this little fella, this is Faiq. He's 2 years old and he's not my pet...haha...he is my small cousin. Isn't he cute? I hate and love cute boys...ha ha ha..

Oh well, it's bedtime and it's Monday Blues when I wake up. I wish for my morning to be enthusiastly exciting. Have a nice week everyone..
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At 10/03/2005 02:12:00 pm, Blogger |dAia|

funnyla the turtle....=)last week my sis n i went to buy a turtlr and they were like in exactly the same position..stacking on each theory was they were drying up .haha...wonder why eh...