Sunday, September 25, 2005
Super Sunday

I hate the Celcom ad where they are promoting Celcom new rate plan for Sunday. I think Celcom has the highest rate to pay, but it's up the the user to determine their choices of mobile telecomunication. I prefer the cheapest..haha..

Yesterday didn't went well. Had to cancel my 'fun plan' and I slept the whole afternoon. I did had some fun by going out after watching both "The Malaysian Idol 2nd Season" and the "Final FA Cup". A few comments here, I have never voted for any SMS thing on TV. I think its a waste for my money. Better finish off my credit by calling my girlfriend..haha..for Daniel, The Malaysian Idol..Congratulations..(If Daniel were to ever read my blog..haha). Also to Selangor Football Team, congratulations (although you guys were pounded by an instant payback goal just after celebrating your winning goal..hehe)

It has been a long time since I tried my talent on programming. So, I spent a couple of hours polishing my programming and also my copywriting skills. I've been playing around with PHP programming. Its a dynamic page the opposite of a static page which is fundamentally HTML. I didn't do much actually, I am focusing on how to make money by cloaking my affiliate link. Last May 2005, I've blogged about how I make money using Clickbank. So, last week I found my photocopied cheque and you can see it for yourself below:

Image hosted by

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I received two of these Clickbank Cheques last year. The above is my 1st cheque, the 2nd one I didn't had the chance to photocopy it but the amount is much less. The trick to get those cheques are quite simple but for some reason, I haven't found a way yet to succeed in making the numbers bigger and it has been a more than a year my account is stuck at $0.00 . I hate myself for not doing something about it. Guess I need to get out of my comfort zone and start working out. Anyway, for Malaysian, you're not eligible to have an account as Clickbank has banned Malaysia for quite some time. So sad lah..but for you readers who are outside of Malaysia, you can sign-up and be an affiliate for free. Start cashing in by just promoting links of your favourite product.

Since my miserable failure of having problems promoting. I've made a very simple but technically fancy and so called "mini-site". I'm promoting one product that I could earn $18 per sale. That translate to nearly RM65..not bad huh..hehe..Check it out by CLICKING HERE.

It's just a simple page but took me hours to build one. I hope to make numerous pages of page like that one in much lesser time. My target right now is to get sales that can cover my car monthly installment..haha..multiple streams of income.

Hope my effort is worth it. Feel free to drop any comments..
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At 9/26/2005 08:06:00 pm, Blogger |dAia|

eh...does those thing really work???want to try it but seems kinda fishy....