Sunday, September 04, 2005
Be Your Own Boss

This is probably the sequel from my last post. Some mental note for myself, when you blog, you need to keep up with the momentum or else you'll end up procrastinate on writing and updating your blog. I've learned that 'Content' is king for a webpage so I want to keep it that way for my blog.

Going on to my story. The past few days has been a very busy moment for myself. Last Thursday, I went for a business meeting for my father's company. Frankly, I am now an employee for another company, almost the same when you join a network marketing company, the only difference is, I control it. The agreement is I run the company's operation, my brother handles the technical stuff while my father do the marketing part, pretty neat huh? Hopefully the business would go fine without my boss consent of course..hehe..

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That is me walking to my bike after meeting up the client. You don't want to take me as your example as any client will question a business person riding a bike to meet up with a client. You should come with at least a car..haha..

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Again, that is me waiting for my 2nd meeting with another client. This time, the client is planning a project for next years event. It's a political activity so I cannot reveal it to anyone yet. I think it's a ridiculous event but still, the money would be sweet. ;-P

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During my way back, I saw this sign that says "Botanic City". Kind of impressive if you ask me. Hopefully it'll be Botanic as it may sound.

Well, my sweet time is over. Got to get back to work to cash in some rewards. Blog to you again soon...
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ride motor more cheap on fuel what....haha..