Sunday, October 10, 2004
Today, something amazing happen to me. I was just about to read and study more about the game I'm playing when suddenly my phone rang. It was from someone I've never even met or heard of but he insisted of making an appointment with me. Apparently I found out that he got my number from one of my best friend and he wanted to show some financial product from Prudential (I'm being straight here by stating the company's name).

Since I'm already making an appointment with one of Prudential financial planning agent, I did some research over the net to see how Prudential performance and credibility. They were quite good since they rank 2nd in life insurance sales when I last checked it. The company was also long established and have a good track record. The appointment was made at a local 'mamak' restaurant. The agent, Mr. Lye was a good looking person and I had no problem communicating with him. Basically I was already sold before the presentation started but either way, I need to know all the details about the product he's offering. The product was a life insurance linked with investment plan. I was indeed looking for a medical and life insurance at that time since I was at risk of accident every single day because I ride a motorbike to work.

The man had a good selling skill and I finally signed on the dotted line. This means that I now have a nest for my long term plan plus a medical benefit and a life insurance but it doesn't stop here. I remembered about the 1st chapter in Robert G. Allen's Multiple Stream of Income book which stated about the power of compound interest. I'm finding out ways to create another financial nest for my short and mid-term financial success. For this purpose, I guess I need to seek more information from printed materials and meeting more people who are an expert in financial planning.

In the mean time, I'll read some other materials regarding the game I'm playing. Happy Planning!
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