Sunday, September 12, 2004
I have 3 e-mail accounts and I normally access them every single day. The past few weeks, I've been occupied with a lot of work and eventhough I do an online job in my work, I wasn't able to digest all my e-mail.

My 1st e-mail is my Hotmail. I've been using this account since 1996. It was my first e-mail I've registered, that time the internet was relatively new here. My 2nd e-mail is Yahoo Mail, this one I use because it had a lot larger space compared to Hotmail. I've registered quite a number of e-mails after that which I cannot remember.

My 3rd e-mail which I currently used is a local free e-mail provider called . I've subsribe to a number of newsletter about a lot of stuff especially internet marketing subject. I didn't open this mailbox for almost a week and today i opened it, it was full of e-mails from my subscription list. It was very time consuming to read all the newsletter and most of them ended up in the trash bin.

My 4th e-mail is a HotPop e-mail. Last time, I wanted to find a pop e-mail whereby I can use an e-mail client to receive my e-mail. This e-mail is the only one I can find whereby it's free. My 5th e-mail uses the domain name of my company's main product which is This is my office e-mail and its main purpose is to handle all my business matter at the office.

Well, that's about my e-mail account. These days, it is common to have more than one e-mail account. The only problem is whether the e-mail is active or not..enjoy!!
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