Sunday, September 12, 2004

I have 3 e-mail accounts and I normally access them every single day. The past few weeks, I've been occupied with a lot of work and eventhough I do an online job in my work, I wasn't able to digest all my e-mail.

My 1st e-mail is my Hotmail. I've been using this account since 1996. It was my first e-mail I've registered, that time the internet was relatively new here. My 2nd e-mail is Yahoo Mail, this one I use because it had a lot larger space compared to Hotmail. I've registered quite a number of e-mails after that which I cannot remember.

My 3rd e-mail which I currently used is a local free e-mail provider called . I've subsribe to a number of newsletter about a lot of stuff especially internet marketing subject. I didn't open this mailbox for almost a week and today i opened it, it was full of e-mails from my subscription list. It was very time consuming to read all the newsletter and most of them ended up in the trash bin.

My 4th e-mail is a HotPop e-mail. Last time, I wanted to find a pop e-mail whereby I can use an e-mail client to receive my e-mail. This e-mail is the only one I can find whereby it's free. My 5th e-mail uses the domain name of my company's main product which is This is my office e-mail and its main purpose is to handle all my business matter at the office.

Well, that's about my e-mail account. These days, it is common to have more than one e-mail account. The only problem is whether the e-mail is active or not..enjoy!!

Sunday, September 05, 2004

I haven't been blogging for quite some time here. The reason is because I was blogging in . For your information, the site has conducted a contest called 'The Blogathon'. It was a 10 consecutive days of blogging just finished last week. I've been selected as the top ten bloggers there. The traffic for my blog site there isn't much but I've made a lot of friends there. Infact, they are going to organize a gathering and I am sure I'll get invited to that.

A lot of exhibition are happening this couple of weeks here in KL. Today, I'm going to The Mine's Exhibition Centre situated about half an hour drive from my house. It should be an interesting event there since it involves Information and Communication Technology. For more information, you can check it out at this website .

I'll be including some pictures and a few comment about the exhibition once I've returned from there. Do visit my website for further development follow up...