Sunday, July 18, 2004
Today is such a good day. I cleaned up my room, did some reading and I finished up an assignment. A few weeks back, my boss's laptop was wrecked when he drop the poor thing to the floor. Luckily, the monitor wasn't damaged and the only thing that was not fuctioning was the connection from the power supply.

After I examined the laptop, the only thing that I had to do was to attach the connector socket back into the motherboard. I dismantled the laptop but I left the thing for almost 2 weeks. I only continued the work today and to my surprise, the laptop was back to normal condition except for the damaged part near the computer. I'll post some picture of it when I get my digital camera working again.

Inside the laptop was a lot of valuable information plus some personal private thing. I know it's kind of wrong to sneak into someone else's private thing but I think it's not so wrong if I were to keep it to myself and not telling everybody around, right? It reminded me of the Spiderman quote, 'With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility'. Everyone of us have certain skill which a few people have, some people realized it, some people don't. I think I realized of what I am capable of. ;-)
posted by Encik Ash at 7/18/2004 08:58:00 pm |