Monday, July 19, 2004
Everyday should be an interesting for everyone. If you realized it or not, everyday we pick up bits and pieces of information. That piece of information can both be good or bad. In order to test whether the information is good or not, we normally unconsciously do the thing we think should give out the best result for ourselves.
Today I watched my favourite TV series and the plot of the story is on a wider scale. It's like you're living in a box where there's another big box outside the box. Either way, I think we all have our own box. We can never go out the box, it's not really normal to do that. That box determines who you are. Anyway, the tv series is marvellous and I owuld like to give the series a big credit for their creativity.
I've still got an enormous opportunity to explore now. Hope to see all of you again soon...
posted by Encik Ash at 7/19/2004 11:31:00 pm |