Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Hello everyone,

Does any of you guys out there love seminars? Well I do, infact right now I am in the seminar business market. I was introduced to a network marketing plan and I was amazed by what they had to offer. It was an amazing business. I've tried one of those pyramid scheme but the small one of course and I didn't succeed on it. So, when I was introduced to this business plan, I was quite motivated at that time.

As time passes by, I didn't hit the level that were required in order to be recognized as an income member. There I was, with one downline, at first I thought I was going to make it and things didn't went the way I imagine it to be. Anyway, I loved the training session, there's a Business Builders Club, Seminars, Coaching, Books, Tapes and Conventions. All were for members to tak advantage off. Still, I wasn't able to make use of all the tools.

As many would have guess. I search for something else besides Network Marketing and I came across a fabulous seminar preview in my first quest of searching for alternative ways. At that time, I went into the sales line and my 1st job was tele-marketing. I was hugely terrified with cold calling but I kept on doing it because I wanted to take away the fear of talking to strangers and also to get used of the fear of rejection. Was I successful?? Nope, I got fired 2 weeks after that because I had no sale.

I think this story is a bit too long for all of you to read. I'll continue it in my next writing. See you all...