Tuesday, May 18, 2004
O'la everyone,

It's Tuesday already, how time flies. Monday night is a favourite time for me because I don't go out during the night. I just stay at home and watch two of my favourite whos which is 'Alias' and 'Fastlane'. Those two program inspires me a lot. I love what they display in the series. You see, we are being conditioned to think like everyone else think. Usually, the person who think the other way around are the one who is exceptional and a few of them do stand out among the rest.

I just realized that, what you really want is more important than what you need. If you have an even bigger want, you'll definitely need a bigger needs. So, in order to think big and achieve more, we need to act more with the need and put the puzzle together. It is hard to do it, but as a saying says, 'Work Hard, Play Hard'.
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