Tuesday, May 25, 2004
Hello there..

4 days have gone since I last posted my blog here. The last weekend was a very hectic days for me. Last Friday was an inspiring day, my boss where I'm working with screamed at me because he wasn't satisfied with my job. That was an experience I will never forget. Anyway, I moved on with that. The following day was another interesting day, I went to a Book Fair at PWTC, KL. I setup a meeting with one of my e-mail friends there, I ended up meeting almost her entire family. During the Book Fair, I also bumped into my school alumni meeting, apparently I registered with my school alumni and I'm hoping to see what's their next activity.

On Sunday, I crack my brain out to build my school batch alumni page. I finished it up in just 5 hours, upload it at my no ads-free website and registered for a CJB.Net domain. My end result is the Laman Web MRSM BP Untuk Batch 97/98. Anyone interested to see what my first ever website looks like, feel free to have a look. I'm still working out to improve the site and also I'm trying out all the skill I have learn to put into action. I'm focusing on driving traffic to the website after this. Wish me luck..
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