Thursday, May 27, 2004
Hello guys,

Has anyone of you guys ever got money by using the internet? Well I search for a lot of ways of doing that, however, the Internet Marketing arena is quite saturated and has a high level of competition. I'll tell you about my 'making money' journey later but for now, let's focus on getting income by using the internet shall we.

This month is a very interesting month because I've received my 1st and also my 2nd ClickBank cheque. By the way, for those of you who haven't heard of ClickBank, ClickBank is a digital marketplace which sells digital products only. It's free to register, however for Malaysian, you cannot register for a ClickBank account because it has blacklisted Malaysia probably because of the high level of credit card fraud. So, how did I get my ClickBank account?

There's a number of internet seminar here running around in the seminar business market, especially in KL. A lot of them offers the 'How To's' kind of stuff to get your very own internet business. I've been to one of them, the FREE preview of course. It's very informative but still, how many of us can build and run a website? Even I don't have my own website. There's a saying that says, 'It's takes money to make money'. That's really true, there is no such thing as 'Something for nothing' these days. I've met a couple of people who went to the paid internet seminar and still haven't get their Return On Investment yet.'s time already. I have to go to work now. I only wish I don't have to go to work and finish up this writing. Unfortunately, I can't afford to that for the time being. Maybe I will....very soon... ;-)
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