Friday, June 15, 2007

What Will I Consider For A Merchant Account

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This is my second post on behalf of Advantage Processors. My first post was an overview about Advantage Processors website, so this time we narrow it down to the Tutorial and Merchant Account Processing.

Advantage Processors has compiled a list of quality articles in my opinion. One of the best article that I found pretty much useful to me is the Glossary. From my opinion, a reader need to read the glossary first before even read the rest of the other financial stuff. A glossary is like a dictionary where it tells you the meaning of a word and how it is used in a writing. When you have enough vocabulary in your head, things would slowly starts to make sense and you can always think wisely before making any decisions.

Some of the keywords that is inside the glossary page is:
  1. chargeback
  2. chargeback fees
  3. contingent liability
  4. credit-card processing
  5. discount rate
  6. fraud
  7. high risk
  8. merchant account
  9. monthly minimum fees
  10. cardholder
  11. factoring
  12. net settlement amount
  13. pass-through fees
  14. processors
  15. offshore merchant accounts
  16. reserve storefront solutions
  17. transaction fee
You might be surprise to know that there are business owner themselves have no idea of most of the topics above. Unlike bloggers, one of the reason might be the lack of proper reading or too much time spent on business operation rather than knowing the basic topics of business or in this case, merchant accounts.

Now that we've all learned our lessons. Let's read more about business merchant account.

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Hi Ashruffz-
Wow- you just opened my eyes for the first time today about doing business on the Internet and that is to...READ THE GLOSSARY FIRST. Most people don't even pay attention to the glossary. They figure they know enough vocabulary to get through most of what they are doing. Guess what? I have been trying to go global for at least six months and read a couple of interesting glosaries, but yours is the best advice. I'm going to put your Reality Adventure on my first page and hope I learn something soon. I am BROKE, and boy do I need help. Thank you for the heads up. I didn't use any HTML tags bx I figure you might send my own message back to me with what you would consider the best way to HTML my message.
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