Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Get Yourself Covered When Traveling

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Medical Travel Insurance

Almost everybody at some point of their life travel somewhere. I don't think I have ever met a person who hasn't traveled anywhere in his entire life. With today's modern transportation, the time taken to go anywhere is a lot shorter and faster. Taking speed into account, it is a lot riskier traveling these days compared to before modern transportation were created. However, the good thing is we can get protection nowadays from anything that might happen to us when we travel.

What kind of protection are we talking about? If you have some knowledge about financial stuff, you'll definitely know about insurance. From what my experience has showed me, if you apply for any loan whether a car loan, a home loan or probably a credit card, you might have automatically bought yourself an insurance policy. The reason; the person or entity that have given you the loan need to secure themselves financially if something were happen to you. It's basically a win-win situation where you don't have to burden anyone else when you are incapable of paying back the loan or medical expenses if you happen to get injured.

You might be surprised if you asked people around you and they tell you that they don't have any insurance policy. Some of them might not even aware if they have one or not. It's a matter of education, well there's plenty of information out there on the internet. Back to our main topic, while most life insurance policies cover you in case something happen to you, they only cover you with a lot of exception. If you are too old, you are not covered. If you have serious illness or known diseases, you are not covered. If you travel, you are not covered. The list goes on and on and on. Let's cut the crap, here's a better way to get an insurance when you travel:

Cover My Travels Website

The above is a website claims that they offer travel insurance for every occasion. Their claim might be true. I haven't tried it yet but I do like to know that have other alternatives just in case I have difficulties in getting the right coverage. So far, I've never seen any travel insurance being offered this way but then again, I haven't been traveling overseas for a very long time so I'm not really looking for any travel insurance yet.

It is interesting to learn that we already have to tool to make our life easier just in case something happen to us. I kind of adore how the layout of the website is being built. It has this Web 2.0 kind of look. The navigation is neat and I can manage through the website without getting confused. I haven't tried the quick qoute because I'm not so sure if the travel insurance is valid in my country or not. From a plus perspective, I really like what they are offering and their website layout. Very interesting indeed.

Learn more about this medical travel insurance.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Your Hawaiian Vacation Spot

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Hawaiian Beach Rentals

Most of us doesn't really realized this but Hawaii is part of the United States. It's the only state that is completely surrounded by water, it has lava flowing out from mother eath which causes the area of Hawaii to grow and it has no territory on the mainland of any continent. There is also a mountain called Mauna Kea which is taller than Mount Everest but only if measured from its based at the floor of the Pacific Ocean.

By just reading that facts alone, doesn't that makes Hawaii interesting for you? If you want to know more about Hawaii, you can search for Hawaii on Wikipedia and read more interesting stuff. Hawaiian Beach Rentals offers a variety of services which includes:
  1. Vacation rentals
  2. Hotels
  3. Condos
  4. Extended Stay
  5. Airfare
  6. Car rentals
  7. Packages
  8. Reviews
It also has a search feature that enables you to do a vertical search on the exact location that are in your interest. If I were to plan my honeymoon or a vacation trip to Hawaii, Hawaiian Beach Rentals would definitely be my top website for my destination research.

Check out some of the Hawaiian images below, I wish I could be there soon:

Friday, June 15, 2007

What Will I Consider For A Merchant Account

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This is my second post on behalf of Advantage Processors. My first post was an overview about Advantage Processors website, so this time we narrow it down to the Tutorial and Merchant Account Processing.

Advantage Processors has compiled a list of quality articles in my opinion. One of the best article that I found pretty much useful to me is the Glossary. From my opinion, a reader need to read the glossary first before even read the rest of the other financial stuff. A glossary is like a dictionary where it tells you the meaning of a word and how it is used in a writing. When you have enough vocabulary in your head, things would slowly starts to make sense and you can always think wisely before making any decisions.

Some of the keywords that is inside the glossary page is:
  1. chargeback
  2. chargeback fees
  3. contingent liability
  4. credit-card processing
  5. discount rate
  6. fraud
  7. high risk
  8. merchant account
  9. monthly minimum fees
  10. cardholder
  11. factoring
  12. net settlement amount
  13. pass-through fees
  14. processors
  15. offshore merchant accounts
  16. reserve storefront solutions
  17. transaction fee
You might be surprise to know that there are business owner themselves have no idea of most of the topics above. Unlike bloggers, one of the reason might be the lack of proper reading or too much time spent on business operation rather than knowing the basic topics of business or in this case, merchant accounts.

Now that we've all learned our lessons. Let's read more about business merchant account.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Smorty: Get Paid To Blog

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In today's blogging world, there are plenty of opportunities to scout around. Eventually, things can get pretty saturated, so that would be one of the reason my blog advertising services hadn't been offering opportunities to blog for money.

Well, things will get so much better now. With more people jumping in the blogging bandwidth, there are ample of opportunities to get paid for blogging. Advertisers are more and more noticing the power of blogging. So, for those of you who love to blog, don't stop blogging yet. It's just a matter of time we all could reap the reward and benefit ourselves.

A few days ago, I found a new blog advertising provider called Smorty. I guess they are from Australia. What I love about their website layout is they use a clean and round cornered boxes. I just love curves rather than the boring old boxy layout that other's are doing. Well, my blog hasn't been corner rounded yet but I'll concentrate on content first.

Blog advertising has been around for a while these days. I previously was an online advertiser before I ran short on fund last time and I find that blogs have this certain strength rather than directly communicating through direct advertising channel. I would certainly would love to advertise on blogs.

Give Smorty a try and get paid to blog.

Digital Photo Frame

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As a blogger, on of the thing that matters to me is to take shot of pictures wherever I am are on the go so that I could have something to write about. For that, having a digital camera or at least a camera phone is something of a must for me. With digital images, there are no need to have an inventory or requires a lot of space in storing them unlike the old days. All of it can be stored in your computer or these days, upload them to photo sharing website such as Flickr, Photobucket, Yahoo Photos and so on.

There one issue when we store all of those digital pictures, it got buried away together with the rest of all the other photos that we've taken after such year. It's actually quite ashame. If only we could get a frame so that we could get a frame so that we could display all of our photos somewhere. There is a solution for that:

Introducing The Digital Photo Frame by Digital Framez. Basically it's a modified TFT active LCD display that is customized to become a picture frame. Unlike the normal LCD display of a computer, it's smaller and lighter and can be hanged over on your wall be it on your living room, your SOHO or even in your bathroom (not recommended though since it's an electronic piece of equipment). It even has sound too. It supports a lot your digital camera equipment where it has a built-in memory car reader. There's also a USB port if you use pendrive to store those digital pictures.

How do we use this Digital Photo Frame? Check out the diagram below:

How To Use The Digital Picture Frame

As you can see above, it's very simple. There is a lot other thing you can do with this digital picture frame. It's all up to your imagination. The price is reasonable too.

Head over to Digital Framez and order one digital photo frame for yourself, your loved one or for someone you really care.