Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Public Announcement

Celebrating my new career as an open source web/blog administrator, I am officially ending my blogging activity on Blogger dot com. I now have a new place to blog, play around with customizations, modifications, plug-ins and all the latest web 2.0 toys at:I don't do graphic design very well but I can modify them anyhow. Still, I'm working on my design and hopefully there are people out there who would appreciate my masterpiece. If you are wondering why I don't just migrate or copy all my previous posts, read this.

Farewell to my old blogger blog. Adios amigos, you have been so kind to me!

To my new blog http://www.ashrufzz.ml

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Why You Should Not Migrate Your Blogger Blog Posts To Wordpress

Last week, after I got enough funds on my PayPal account from my sponsored post activities, I went on an online shopping spree. I paid USD35.99 for a web hosting service which gave me my own Ashrufzz.com domain. Click here if you are interested for the full features. So if you are broke and you desperately like to have your own domain name and a shared web-hosting service and willing to do what I do, let me introduce you to Blogvertise.

Nowadays, there are a few paid blogging services and all you need to do to fill up your PayPal account is to register a free blog. Write blog posts based on what the provider has instructed, wait for a month and you will receive the payment through your PayPal. Of course in order for you to receive the money, you need to add a credit or debit card (I'll write a blog post on this) on your PayPal account. If you don't have any, then borrow for someone and pay them or ask your parents.

If you don't want to buy any web hosting or maybe you don't have any idea on what domain you should be buying, then get a free PHP web hosting. One of my successful Wordpress installation that is now being used by a company (A friend of mine who works with the company bribed me with a Pizza Hut free meal voucher just get it set up remotely). Occasionally, the web host is unstable but that is what you get when it is free, right?

I like Wordpress very much but I'm not going to give up on my Blogger Blog yet. So, what do I do? After reading all these blog posts:
I have decided to let my Blogger Blog to be remained and I'll be starting to blog on my brand new Ashrufzz (It will be re-launch as Ash-Ruf-Double Zee dot com) powered by the Wordpress 2.1.1.

Why did I decided not to migrate all my blogger blog posts to wordpress? Well, here a few reason why:
  1. I like the fact that I can still see my past creation.
  2. I believe Blogger would be around for a long time and that would assure me that this blog will be online for the readers to read without me paying for anything.
  3. I don't want to mess around with the inbound link that is pointing to this blog and also some permalink that is directed within this blog.
  4. I don't really mind loosing the PageRank as good, unique and quality blog posts has far more value than a green bar indicator.
As far as I appreciate blogger for doing a good job hosting my blog, I don't want to make duplicate copies like what Shannon did. I will however make sure that the product shall remain as it is.

I'll begin the development of my brand Wordpress blog over the weekend. I'm excited to be announcing it soon!