Saturday, May 13, 2006
I lost count of how many times I've changed my blogskin. However, I've added new features to my blog. I know that my blog doesn't really have a lot of visitors, but that's fine. I do get a stream of traffic from searches under specific keywords that I really didn't anticipate to get index with. Anyway, I'll keep blogging like I use to. Here's some features I've added to this blog:

Ashrufzz E-mail Subscription Box

If you didn't notice, I've added an e-mail subscription box. When you enter your e-mail, you need to confirm your e-mail first. By using this service, I'll exclusively update you through your e-mail or probably give you some gift or so.

Ashrufzz CoComment

I'm not sure what coComment is all about. However, I've ditched my old shoutbox for this one since my former shoutbox contain some pop-ups somewhere. This coComment looks clean and nice. I need to read about it more and see what I can benefit using this. I'm thinking of hosting my own shoutbox instead of using services provided by others. I found this script at hotscripts using PHP without MySQL and I probably going to develop that one on this blog.

Oh's development time again. My team and I are doing a small pilot project for a local portal. It's going to feature the latest news around. However, it's offline now. I don't know what is going on with the webhosting. I'm going to transfer the website to another host when I get enough money. Until then, happy weekends...
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