Friday, March 31, 2006

Lorem Ipsum??

I like downloading templates from various places. I normally download templates for Microsoft Word Documents, Excel and other Microsoft Office applications which I use them everyday. Besides that, I download web templates from free websites such as OpenWebdesign. Sometimes I discovered that these template contains text paragraph and they normally spell the same words which is Lorem Ipsum. I found out about Lorem Ipsum and why it is use. If you are interested, read more about it here.

A Week Full of Learning

More than a week has past. I've been very occupied with my office assignments, projects, personal stuff and many more that I've neglected my time to contribute to this blog. Let me recap on what has happen for the past week. Last week, I went down to Johor Bahru along with my bosses. In my previous post, I was telling about an Italian man named Lorenzo Fierro. He apparently became my project manager after my last project manager was missing for more than 2 weeks already. After 2 weeks working at the company, he has made a lot of business appointment mainly setting up meetings with big shot of huge corporation in Malaysia. It was amazing to see how he had done the phone calls and how he managed to get through to the right person in charge of making the buying decisions. I wish I could have done that during my telemarketing job, well there are still time for improvement. Until then, better focus on what I do best which is handling technical issues.

I had a wonderful time hanging out with Mr Lorenzo as he tells a lot of his story through his vast life experience. He is a very aggresive person and he loves girls since he's an Italian. Here's a picture of me having 'Hubby Bubbly' (It's what Mr Lorenzo describe Shisha Piping) at the Gazebo, Subang Jaya:

Ashrufzz & Mr. Lorenzo Fierro

While moving ahead on my career development, I will not forget my other stuff I'm working on which is internet marketing. I still believe that the industry offers me tremendous potential and I should make the most out of my knowledge and take proper action. Imagine making USD526,744.35 a year just by building a few webpages and getting free traffics from search engines. With that kind of money, I could have become a millionaire in my country and never have to work for a couple of years. Or maybe using the money to invest it somewhere and make a profit so that it would become some kind of residual income and retire from my crappy job. Want to see that video, then click here. It's amazing how technology works.

I have loads of stuff to work on. I need to rewrite my goal and revise what I want to do with my life. It seems to me that I'm getting lost here. I need to prioritize back my goal and I need to do that in writing, not just in my head as it gets dissipated easily. Maybe you should do it too...Oh well, let's do it together then. Cheers...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

A Role of A Blogger

I found this topic at Performancing. After trying to understand how to become a successful, there are plenty of stuff that I need to keep on focusing on. Let's see what a solo blogger needs to be in order to become successful:
  • Entrepreneur - the ideas, the vision, motivation and drive
  • Salesperson - brings in the advertising, sponsorships, does the deals
  • Bookkeeper - keeps the numbers in check
  • Editor - controls the output, checks and amends for quality, final decision on topics
  • Researcher - investigates stories and information for articles, gathers facts
  • Writer - does the actual writing, possibly based on the researchers gathered materials
  • Designer - keeps the blog looking great, formats posts so they look their best
  • Organiser - admin, project management, to-do lists, calendars, diaries ...
  • Tech Support - backups, fixes things when they go wrong, hosting, software upgrades, modules, ad serving ...
  • Mentor - impartial wisdom and advice, been there got the t-shirt
  • Network manager - for when the enterprise grows from one blog to many, someone needs to run the farm
Oh my god, that is so many things to look after and also, very technical. However, I am up to the challenge as I've experience doing all those role since I first landed my feet on an employment payroll. All of the above is very challenging and requires dedication to get it done. If you are half-hearted, then it wouldn't turn out to be great. However, if you have the 'dough', then you can always leverage it out to other people.

In the end, it's all about your personal success and only you alone can determine where you want to be.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Going International?

Last Monday, my team and I went to my company's client site. We had 2 hours of discussion and we found out that we are way behind schedule and there are lots of informations which is still missing. Since I am the second man in charge of the project, I had to take up the responsibility therefore I had to do something. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to come up with a solution until now, my main project manager is missing, my big boss is doing something with his new buddy and I was left clueless wondering what to do. I know for fact that if I asked for help through my boss, my boss is not willing to pay anything as the project is shaky. There is no contract between the top management yet and no money is coming in. So, we are currently gambling our way doing this big project.

Enough about the problem, I'm going to have a headache if I go on thinking about it. There's a new guy in the company and he claimed to be some hotshot guy in sales and marketing. He is very loud as he also claimed to be an Italian and Italian talks that way. If I'm not mistaken he is in his 50's I guess. Anyway, he loves telling stories and most of all, he loves talking. He can constantly talk for hours. Since he tells a lot of thing and I was being sceptical so I Googled his name. Unfortunately, nothing came up. I didn't gave up, I then searched at Yahoo and finally, I found his resume. His name is Lorenzo Fierro from Saudi Arabia. The good thing about him his, he has a lot of experience. He reminds me of my previous boss. The guy is very aggressive in doing marketing and doing business. He said he can close big deals. When dealing with big deals with big-big corporation, a high level of confidence is needed which I'm cultivating so that one day I too can be in that position, but I need to find my own way of dealing with people. Doing sales is fun, I did an online sales and I was jumping up and down in my bedroom. I once did a one to one presentation, I failed miserably. Maybe my level of confidence is not up to par yet.

I hope this upcoming week would be better than the week before. Before summing up, I present you a few pictures taken during my outings at my office:

Eating Domino's Pizza

I ordered Dominos Pizza last Thursday. They had claimed that if the pizza is delivered more than, 30 minutes, they'll give a free coupon. Well, they sent slightly more than 30 minutes and of course, the coupon is attached. Anyway, their pizza in my personal experience is much better than Pizza Hut.

Hanging out at Amcorp Service Suite Swimming Pool

Down 4 floors from my office apartment is the swimming pool. If you look at my picture above, that was my 2nd time hanging out there and apparently gone to swim there. I barely had the time to do swimming as I had a lot of work to do or I didn't bring my gears. I had a great time along with my close friends hanging out on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

Happy Monday to all of you..

Monday, March 13, 2006

A Working Weekend

For the weekend, I've been busy working both for my company and myself. For the company, I had to assist my boss to finish up a very important document and submit it to a partnering company. As for myself, after I went to the personal branding seminar last Thursday, I'm building up something for myself as you can see on my profile on the sidebar. I also updated my online resume which I put on my free Geocities Page. I don't think the free page will effect anything as I like to think that we should use whatever available and being resourceful.

Technically, I love tinkering on web development technology. Since I have a few hours in front of the TV, I've installed Mambo, a free Content Management Software available. while watching F1 in Bahrain and continued watching The Apprentice Season 4. One of my friend who is experience in installing mambo said that Mambo Content Management is very prone to hackers. Well, it is easy to install and it doesn't surprise me if it can be hacked easily. However, it's a good software and I'm customizing it to suit my need. You can take a look on what I have done at Malaysia4Homes. The domain was actually bought by my friend but he is not using it, so better I make full use of it instead of letting it sit dormantly.

It's Monday again, I'm going to be very busy this week. I hope to become more productive than last week. Cheers everyone..

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Are You A Strong Brand?

It's been a while since I've been to seminar. I used to be a seminar junky but only to previews and free one of course. Seminar business is huge money but it doesn't fit my choice of business though. Anyway, this morning I went to this seminar Titled:

Personal Branding

The seminar was held at Boulevard Hotel. It's a brand new hotel located at Midvalley City in Kuala Lumpur. I got to know this seminar through my network I had form on the last Total Wealth Seminar. One of the participant, Nora Al-Yahya through her company IBD Consultancy and Halaventures organized the seminar. Interestingly, their office is located just 10 floors up where my office is (where I spend most of my time). It surprised me to find out that the seminar room rate was RM800 for 4 hours, damn expensive.

Back to the seminar review, William Arruda the speaker of the seminar was simply amazing. What he taught in his 1 and a half hour seminar is truely what I've been seeking out. I've heard and read some books about branding so I can grasp on what his Personal Branding is all about. Unlike the seminar I've been to, I like his style because he has this subtle attraction that is quite similar to my personality. Of course, making money is the ultimate goal when it comes to people who are still trapped in the rat race like myself but I have this strong vision that I will attract money where money will flow freely in my life whenever I want to. Still, I have to work on it first plus action is the first key toward success.

Oh well, I need to re-assess my personal brand and focusing it strategically. Just wait for my self re-branding which I'm planning out on my sketch book. Until then, choose your brand wisely..

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Multi-cultural and Ghost Seekers

I'm writing this entry while watching a TV series on NTV7 titled Seekers. It's a TV programme where they seek other form of life, simply to say they are seeking for ghost. The funny thing is, they only invite young girls to be the volunteer where they are left alone with a camera and an IR temperature device and see how they react. It is fun to see though..

The afterlife is something spooky to discuss if you ask me. Still, I like watching The Ghost Whisperer starring Jeniffer Love Hewitt. I'm a fan of her, so it's good to see her acting again. Enough about ghost, I have an interesting picture I wanted to share:

Image hosting by Photobucket

Something interesting to find out at your The Star or any local newspaper.

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Just Some Thoughts

Recently, I listened to an audio record about "Control Everything, Enjoy Everything but Own Nothing". The idea was to control instead of owning because when you own something, it can be taken away from you, for example you own a lot of cash in the bank or you've inherited a property somewhere. If someone who has a lot of time and some money, they can just hire a lawyer and try to take away everything you owned. It could happen in the near future as what else would all the newly graduated lawyer student would do without a job, right?

Anyway, that is not the thing I wanted to write today. I found a very interesting quote and I wanted to share it with all my readers. So here goes:

  • Don't hold something in your arms that you could never hold in your heart
  • If you want something badly, let it go. If it comes back to you, then it's going to be yours forever. If it doesn't then it's never going to be yours...
  • Life without friendship is like the sky without sun...
Looking back to all the things that had happen in my life, the above quotes really applies..

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Blog In Space Certificate

I'm a big fan of science fictions. I love tv series, movies and story books about space adventure, scientific experimentation and many more. Eventhough I don't really believe in extra terrestial being, I do believe that apart from human, there are other kind of living forces outside there in another different kind of world.

I don't collect certificates often but if I do, I treasure them. My blog now has a certificate, see:

Go get yourself one, right now.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Scientology? What Is That?

Knowledge is somehow is an addictive force for human. It may not be or maybe dangerous when it is applied. I love seeking out new things, I also love watching TV. Some people refer watching TV as source of entertainment. While I do like to be entertained by TV, my mind always thinking on details by asking the questions (Why, Who, What, When & How). Sometimes, curiosity can be dangerous as I discover certain subjects.

So earlier, since I am a big fan of Alias. As usual watched that TV show and the show's main attraction at least for me is the curiosity factor it has blended in. No wonder they make tonnes of money as people like to consume on 'what happens next'. I then realize one thing, I'm hooked on my current job because of my curiosity on 'what will happen next' for my company regardless of how little the company is paying me.

So, what I'm going to do now is to be the provider for the 'what happens next' for whatever I do especially when I'm dealing with business or money. It is if I am not mistaken, one of the secret to get rich. BTW, if you are wondering what Scientology is, it is "a study of knowledge". I liked that..Better get working on developing 'what they want next'..toodles..