Tuesday, December 06, 2005
The past several weeks, on each weekends, I happened to be joining my friend's wedding. It makes me wonder 'When would be my time?'. Of course I had to answer to myself that it is not going to be soon enough. Still, you will never know what will happen to the future. So I'd just better 'go with the flow'. Make myself like water running down a stream. Probably some crap thinking for some people.

Being a blogger is like chatting on MiRC. I got addicted once I got the hang of it. However, several days not doing it, there is some kind of feeling 'not doing something'. It's a failure kind of feeling. Sometime it is encouraging, sometimes it's discouraging. It is so much easy to quit but it is so difficult to sustain the momentum.

This time I'm not going to post any pictures. I just wanted to remind myself on what responsibilty I should do. Till my next post, got to rediscover myself again. Cheers..
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At 12/06/2005 03:28:00 pm, Blogger |dAia|

haha...don't worry,your time will come soon.tah2 depan mate je kot..all those weddings mesti tersangkut kat satu..heheh..=)