Monday, December 12, 2005
Humans are habitual creatures. When you say you have changed, you don't really change. Probably only a portion that was changed and that is it. I have been surfing the internet for 9 years so it is so difficult to change that habit. Surfing the internet is like consuming your food. You'll always need to replenish each time your supply runs low. It also means that you are just storing something inside you but didn't do a thing to work on it. So, as long as you keep on consuming, you'll never be on top of your game. In other word, you will just be an average Joe.

To become successful, rich and wealthy, we need to identify our productiveness. My productivity is still very low as I haven't been able to overcome my consuming habits. When I have slowly changed my habits, I need to further continue on how to 'leverage'. After all the personal development seminar, books, tape, motivation group call, that is all I have to conclude about myself. Simple, yet invaluable.

To supply the World Wide Web with contents. I've redesigned and re-edited my personal page. However, it doesn't look good yet:

Image hosted by

Designing take away tremendous amount of my time. It would be much more practical to just download a new template. So the next step is to find another interesting and appealing web template. I have another day off tomorrow.

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