Thursday, December 29, 2005
The answer is simple..Reformat your hard disk..but before you do that, make sure you back-up your previous data first using whatever external device you have such as your thumbdrive, an external hard disk, burn it on a CDR or my favourite, transfer the files on your other partition. Most people that I know sometimes overlooked on their partition, it is sometime left under-utilized. Another important stuff is to make sure you have all the necessary driver. If you can format your computer and make it back to normal, I want to Congratulate you for saving hundreds of dollar if you were to send your computer at your local computer shop. Of course I only charge a minimal fee if you are kind enough to send it to my place..hehe..

Last weekend, after more than one year my Celeron 1.7GHz with 256MB RAM computer has been running on Windows XP Professional. The moment I've been expecting came, the Windows got corrupted and the blue death screen re-appear after hibernating for so long. I've used to have my Windows corrupted, I also lost count on how many times I have been installing Windows ever since Microsoft DOS was created. Heck, I bet most of the people nowadays doesn't even know how to install DOS. Well, it's a thing of the past.

Many people including myself would like to know, why does my Windows XP get slows down after using them for a couple of month. The simple answer is, if you stuff a lot of stuff in your hard drive, it will take time for you yourself to find it. Same goes for the PC itself. As for me, I love trying out, test and look at softwares that I can get my hands on. So, my 40GB hard disk is not enough and most of the time, only 1GB is available and that is for the sake of the virtual memory.

Over the time you are using Windows, it creates back-up data just in case something happen. That data can sometime gets duplicated. On my case, there are a couple of thousands of raw folder which contains virtually nothing. So, what its left is just the folder with no data. Imagine having to open a folder and find nothing. Same goes with your computer. I hate it when that happen. So after a day of tinkering back my Windows system back to normal, I now have a whistle clean PC. It's a nice feeling to have something that works perfectly.

I end my post here with the image below. I know some of my reader would really love to find one of these inside their mailbox.

Studiotraffic Cheque

This was my own cheque I have obtained earlier this month. Kirksman, if you are reading this, thanks for introducing this program to me..hehe..If you want to know how get a cheque just like the one above, click on it and send me an e-mail FAST!!
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