Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year 2006 from Ashrufzz

a JOYFUL spirit
a HEALTHY body &
a heart full of LOVE...

All these are my wishes for you.

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Thursday, December 29, 2005

How To Clean Up Your Trashed Windows XP

The answer is simple..Reformat your hard disk..but before you do that, make sure you back-up your previous data first using whatever external device you have such as your thumbdrive, an external hard disk, burn it on a CDR or my favourite, transfer the files on your other partition. Most people that I know sometimes overlooked on their partition, it is sometime left under-utilized. Another important stuff is to make sure you have all the necessary driver. If you can format your computer and make it back to normal, I want to Congratulate you for saving hundreds of dollar if you were to send your computer at your local computer shop. Of course I only charge a minimal fee if you are kind enough to send it to my place..hehe..

Last weekend, after more than one year my Celeron 1.7GHz with 256MB RAM computer has been running on Windows XP Professional. The moment I've been expecting came, the Windows got corrupted and the blue death screen re-appear after hibernating for so long. I've used to have my Windows corrupted, I also lost count on how many times I have been installing Windows ever since Microsoft DOS was created. Heck, I bet most of the people nowadays doesn't even know how to install DOS. Well, it's a thing of the past.

Many people including myself would like to know, why does my Windows XP get slows down after using them for a couple of month. The simple answer is, if you stuff a lot of stuff in your hard drive, it will take time for you yourself to find it. Same goes for the PC itself. As for me, I love trying out, test and look at softwares that I can get my hands on. So, my 40GB hard disk is not enough and most of the time, only 1GB is available and that is for the sake of the virtual memory.

Over the time you are using Windows, it creates back-up data just in case something happen. That data can sometime gets duplicated. On my case, there are a couple of thousands of raw folder which contains virtually nothing. So, what its left is just the folder with no data. Imagine having to open a folder and find nothing. Same goes with your computer. I hate it when that happen. So after a day of tinkering back my Windows system back to normal, I now have a whistle clean PC. It's a nice feeling to have something that works perfectly.

I end my post here with the image below. I know some of my reader would really love to find one of these inside their mailbox.

Studiotraffic Cheque

This was my own cheque I have obtained earlier this month. Kirksman, if you are reading this, thanks for introducing this program to me..hehe..If you want to know how get a cheque just like the one above, click on it and send me an e-mail FAST!!

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Driving South with Mitsubishi Pajero V34 Diesel

When I first learned how to drive, I was so excited that when I got my license, I always wanted to be behind the wheel of a car. Things changed nowadays as driving became a habitual stuff that I do every single day. How I wish I had a driver while I just sit and lounge at the back seat in the KL City traffic jam.

Yesterday, I had to deliver a vehicle to one of my company's client. Supposedly the dealer shouldhave sent the car but my management is not willing to pay another RM300 for their cost on sending the car. It is much cheaper doing it ourselves. It is a pity how my top management make some decision, they are willing to sacrifice their own man-power just to save a few ringgit. I could have made a complete proposal using the time spent driving to Johor.

Here is the car and I'll come to the car review afterward:

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This Mitsubishi Pajero is the last of its kind produce these days. The dealer said they are phasing out this vehicle for newer models. I kind of like the design and the look. Unfortunately, I have to give 2 stars out of 10 because of the bumpy ride and hard seat which made our discomfort 4 hours journey. Since it uses a diesel engine, the roaring sound of the engine is normal. I personally buy this vehicle if I wish to go on a 4 by 4 in the jungle. Driving around town is not so fashionable to me. On the other hand, for government servant, it is a formal and stylish ride especially going out on an outstation trip.

3 days off starting today. I'm going to format my PC. I'll write about it once my PC has a new fresh system. Merry Christmas..

Saturday, December 17, 2005

The CEO Journey

Ever wondered what does it take to be a CEO of a successful company. Check it out by clicking here. Eventhough some of the CEO in today's world didn't really do well in their studying years but if you had the chance to study then why not give yourself a chance to further your education. If you've watched Donald Trump's The Apprentice, the winners are usually those who have higher education. Still it is up to you to decide your own path.

Friday, December 16, 2005

I'm Pissed

Today I am a bit pissed because of my boss kept on blaming me for my wrong doing I've done. I think everyone will be pissed when you are blamed by someone. The thing was about something that he ordered me to do. However as an employee I know that I will get nothing out of thing he told me to do except for my lousy paycheck. My boss will earn millions in revenue if the deal goes through while I just sit in this office and see those numbers on papers while my numbers in my own bank account depleted. I need to do something about it.

To calm myself down, I read my e-mails and found this article. Why All Those "Positive Thinking" Products Don't Work And How To Use The One Key To Skyrocket To Success! by Bryan Kumar. This article could shorten my success journey as I now have the advantage to boost further. I'm going to read this article oftenly.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

How I Wish I Had A Company Like This..

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google and Hal Varian, consultant of Google had wrote an article-

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Google: Ten Golden Rules. After reading those 10 rules, I wish I own a company like Google. I know it is a long way to go if I ever would build a company like that on my own. Guess I have to keep on searching and looking forward.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Top 3 Reasons of Working in Small Companies

My boss is a good friend of my father's. It is one of the reason I haven't been job hopping for a while which is quite often known for youngsters such as myself. For the past 2 years I've been involved in the working life, I have been with 4 different companies. I've seen how big companies operate, I have also seen how small companies do and very small companies perform. Each one of them have their own advantages and disadvantages.

So, today I would like to highlight some of the advantages that you can get if you choose to work with small companies. In today's oversupply of jobless graduate, personally I encourage those who are jobless to join micro small or small companies as their stepping stone if they have attempted using the traditional way to climb the corporate ladder and failed but really wish to embark on a corporate path for big companies.

1) You'll learn about almost everything about anything the company does.

In small companies, you can choose to know about everything that the company is doing. For example, small companies usually don't have a massive pile of files. So, in your free time during working hours, you can glance through all those files (if you have the access of course) and gain an extra amount of knowledge about the company's past operation, history etc. The most useful would always be, The Financial Statement because that is how you will know when you can ask for a raise or not.

2) Wear many type of hats.

In small companies, you are responsible over a lot of areas. You will be the manager, the clerk, the receptionist, the dishwasher, the typist, the security guard and one of my favourite, the despatch guy. You can also influence the decision maker which is your boss and probably turn that decision towards your favour.

3) Freedom...Almost

Since small companies doesn't really pay you a hefty huge salary, you're not really liable for the company's time you've spent loitering around at the coffee shop. However, this is a bad example and shouldn't be followed. Use your time wisely such as thinking of ways for your company to grow and expand and becoming more profitable.

Well, that is the top 3 reasons that I think you can consider should you become jobless or needed a change in your career. Eitherway, always go for personal development because that is what life is all about and most of all, have fun.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Is Your Habit Productive Enough?

Humans are habitual creatures. When you say you have changed, you don't really change. Probably only a portion that was changed and that is it. I have been surfing the internet for 9 years so it is so difficult to change that habit. Surfing the internet is like consuming your food. You'll always need to replenish each time your supply runs low. It also means that you are just storing something inside you but didn't do a thing to work on it. So, as long as you keep on consuming, you'll never be on top of your game. In other word, you will just be an average Joe.

To become successful, rich and wealthy, we need to identify our productiveness. My productivity is still very low as I haven't been able to overcome my consuming habits. When I have slowly changed my habits, I need to further continue on how to 'leverage'. After all the personal development seminar, books, tape, motivation group call, that is all I have to conclude about myself. Simple, yet invaluable.

To supply the World Wide Web with contents. I've redesigned and re-edited my personal page. However, it doesn't look good yet:

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Designing take away tremendous amount of my time. It would be much more practical to just download a new template. So the next step is to find another interesting and appealing web template. I have another day off tomorrow.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Ever Heard of Segway?

I've never heard of Segway but I wish I had one. I admit that eventhough my body is quite underweight, I am lazy to walk. Guess I need to reset my mindset again and again.

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If you want to know more about it, go to Segway Official Website. Now where can I find one of those at my nearby store?? Mmm..

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Wedding Months?

The past several weeks, on each weekends, I happened to be joining my friend's wedding. It makes me wonder 'When would be my time?'. Of course I had to answer to myself that it is not going to be soon enough. Still, you will never know what will happen to the future. So I'd just better 'go with the flow'. Make myself like water running down a stream. Probably some crap thinking for some people.

Being a blogger is like chatting on MiRC. I got addicted once I got the hang of it. However, several days not doing it, there is some kind of feeling 'not doing something'. It's a failure kind of feeling. Sometime it is encouraging, sometimes it's discouraging. It is so much easy to quit but it is so difficult to sustain the momentum.

This time I'm not going to post any pictures. I just wanted to remind myself on what responsibilty I should do. Till my next post, got to rediscover myself again. Cheers..