Saturday, October 01, 2005
I Made USD2.55 in 4 hours using E-Gold

I would love to thank Alia for her lovely comments on my shout out box. Yes I do love trying out something unconventional and this time, its a mind boggling one (at least for me of course). I know USD2.55 is not a big deal but when you convert it into Malaysian Ringgit, it is (With 3.8 rate) RM9.69, enough to cover my lunch plus, I'm doing it just by sitting on my desk here and wrote this blog.

Last Thursday, I bought USD15 worth of e-gold. For those of you who don't know what e-gold is, you can create a new FREE account by clicking here. All the information are there, the webpage is a clean one and quite easy to understand. So I invested some money in a good place. How did I get the 'e-gold'? I bought it from my brother who bought it from a guy in Penang. The transaction is smooth with the ease from an amazing online banking I've been using for quite some time.

I have a print screen to proof what I did, but I am feeling sleepy. So, I'll try to make it out for you in my next post. Until then, happy weekend and hopefully, the Budget 2006 isn't affecting you financially. Cheers...
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At 10/16/2005 07:58:00 am, Blogger ashruffz

Ive heard about egold, but never registered, i just want to know how to invest and how to cash in the money to malaysian ringgit, i mean, how to cash the money into malaysian bank account.
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At 10/19/2005 10:52:00 am, Blogger mr.eim

theres a lot of these kind of stuff..

see my blog here [eims] free tips & stuff for more list..

theres also payment processors that can process your e-$ to actual RM.. check'em out..