Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Here's A Paid E-Book You Can Read For Free

I love e-books. It doesn't get clogged in my bedroom or my work table in the office. It only uses a measly few kb in space in my gigabytes of hard drive. So, it's quite handy. Nevertheless, the reading experience is different from reading a hard cover book.

Anyway, before I give you the link to the self improvement e-book I've just read, I would like to write something else first (If you are eager to read the book, ignore what I'm going to write and just scroll down and click on the link).

4 days have past since my last post. I experienced so many things. It has been raining heavily the past couple of days. My weekend was very lame. Met old schoolmate friends during 'berbuka puasa' gathering, gosh they've change and many of them are married (for me 24 is still quite young). My house is now invaded by caterpillers (don't know what is it called in English, but we call it 'ulat bulu'). Hundreds of them are swarming the outside wall of my house (I'll get a picture of it tomorrow). If I start blogging about it, probably my time are wasted doing something which is not making me money.

Oh well..things happen but the most importantly, I determine what is going to happen next. Awesome stuff when you are a self-improvement junky but haven't yet succeeded. Anyway, here's the link to the E-book I mentioned to you earlier:

The BD Syndrome

Digest the information well. It'll change your way of thinking towards success.

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