Monday, October 31, 2005

My New Learning Blog

I get bored and sleepy just by reading. Sometime I sit in front of my computer and start to read countless of my e-mail newletter I've subscribed. So, I need to end that and convert my old habit into a new one. Thus, I will now practice to write more than I read. To do that, I've created a blog about Learning CSS and Web Authoring.

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Actually, I have another blog but that one has become dormant the last couple of weeks. It kind of hard to knock off your old habit. It comes naturally within my comfort zone. Anyway, the purpose of the blog is to report my learning progress on Cascade Style Sheet which is quite useful for aspiring webmaster such as myself. Of course there are tools that can help cut down my CSS learning process, however I need to also learn the details of CSS so that I know how it works. By that, then would I can become an expert of it.

By the way, November's edition of Personal Magazine (A financial magazine by The Edge Daily) featured "Making Money on the Net" on its cover page. A few Malaysian bloggers were featured and its an emerging industry for IT people or non IT people to discover how they can make a living at it, as their alternative career. Grab a copy of it at your local book stand (Malaysian people of course). It is just RM9 a copy.

Enough promoting for now. I'll be writing more as part of my writing practice.

Festive Seasons Coming

With only 2 days left before the Eid Fitr, I am still working here at my office. Still, for my Indian friends I just want to wish you tomorrow:


P/S: Happy shopping too.. ;-)

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Would You Like To Sell Your Blog?

If someone would like to buy your blog, at what price would you be placing it? If you asked me, I really don't know. I think my blog looks crappy but I do think it contains part of my life and valuable of informations in it. To be honest, I've never reviewed any of my past archived blog entries. What about you? Do you read them? One thing for sure, I hope my family members didn't read it as it'll sure uncovers hidden stories I haven't told them..hehe..

Anyway, I found a tool that could determine your blog worth. Here's what my blog is worth at:

My blog is worth $3,387.24.
How much is your blog worth?

So check it out what is your blog worth.

P/S: I wish I could sell off my blog, the money is tempting but my pathetic nostalgic stories are more invaluable..decisions..decisions..Anyone? Hehe..

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Here's A Paid E-Book You Can Read For Free

I love e-books. It doesn't get clogged in my bedroom or my work table in the office. It only uses a measly few kb in space in my gigabytes of hard drive. So, it's quite handy. Nevertheless, the reading experience is different from reading a hard cover book.

Anyway, before I give you the link to the self improvement e-book I've just read, I would like to write something else first (If you are eager to read the book, ignore what I'm going to write and just scroll down and click on the link).

4 days have past since my last post. I experienced so many things. It has been raining heavily the past couple of days. My weekend was very lame. Met old schoolmate friends during 'berbuka puasa' gathering, gosh they've change and many of them are married (for me 24 is still quite young). My house is now invaded by caterpillers (don't know what is it called in English, but we call it 'ulat bulu'). Hundreds of them are swarming the outside wall of my house (I'll get a picture of it tomorrow). If I start blogging about it, probably my time are wasted doing something which is not making me money.

Oh well..things happen but the most importantly, I determine what is going to happen next. Awesome stuff when you are a self-improvement junky but haven't yet succeeded. Anyway, here's the link to the E-book I mentioned to you earlier:

The BD Syndrome

Digest the information well. It'll change your way of thinking towards success.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

After Birthday..

My internet connection at home sucks. I don't know why but I think it has something to do with TM Net Streamyx connection node in my area. I think it's overcrowded and Telekom is not doing its job to handle such high capacity in my housing area. Now they have this 'member gets member' campaign. The broadband business is no doubt a very lucrative business but the quality must also be reasonable, if not it is no point paying a flat rate of RM88 every month but the connection is merely resembles the dial-up connection.

Enough on bashing up TM Net. Now let's go on with my story. I love cakes, especially chocolate cake. It's so YUMMY!!!

Image hosted by

This was my last birthday cake. It is an ice cream chocolate cake. I don't know what to write on my own cake so the word 'Sweet' appeared on the cake..haha..

My week last week was a hectic week, except for Friday where its a public holiday for where I work. At some time, it feels good to work, at least I am no 'potato couch' who just sit in front of the tv doing nothing. Lucky for me, my house don't have those satelite TV if not I would probably hooked.

Have a nice weekend everyone..

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My 24th Birthday!

I just celebrated my 24th birthday yesterday. Bought a RM33 ice cream chocolate cake. I got the pictures but haven't upload it yet. I've been busy managing all kind of stuff, personal and work. My personal life was a wreck last week but I managed to disassociate it my work. Got lots of meeting to attend these days. I guess you cannot expect to get what we call 'Instant Gratification' yet.

In the mean time, I was very surprised to see that the website I've created last time was back online. It somehow appeared on the top rank of google as you can see from the picture below. (Click on the image to enlarge it)

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I am not sure of which part of the world my site on google got that top position but I do know that the position in Google rank is very volatile unless you are a big shot here on the internet. However, we can always test and test and test. If only I had the time...

I'll write again soon..

Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Silent Battle

Apparently, the free web host that I've subscribed to gave up on me. Free stuff online doesn't really last long, I've notice this for quite a while. Its all about the money these days. All the stuff these days are all about exposure, advertising and the holy dough that makes the world go round..MONEY..

It is not that I am a stingy person. I sold 2 domain names (RM40 each~USD10) and a web host (RM35/year~USD9) to a friend of mine. I totally can afford to have a domain name and a web host since its cheap now (my cost is only RM65 ~USD17 for both a .com domain name and a 50MB web host). It's just that I don't know what my domain name should be. If you want to buy a domain name or web host, it could be done. Just contact me, my profit is just peanuts but I can live with it..hehe..

BTW, I've moved my website to another temporary free webhost. You can go and check it out by clicking here. I am buying my own domain and hosting next month when I get my 'peanuts' salary. Anyway, I think I should just abandoned that website and let the search engines try to find it. I hate those banners they put on my page, same goes to my geocities page. If you don't know this, if you own a Yahoomail account, you definitely have a 15MB geocities webspace. Yahoo also gives you a lot more features than you can probably use. I myself underutilized all the features given.

In another unrelated occassion, I am in another silent war with my employer. It seems like my employer has some serious issues of 'Whats In It For Me' compared to 'Whats In It For Them' (that means, me and my other colleague). I am thinking of abandoning this company I am working for since my well being are being ignored. My role in the company is very important that if I don't come to work, the company would be dead. I think I should run my own company if that is the case.

It's tough being tested in the 'Ramadhan' Month. My emotion are swelled, my priorities shaken, my intellectual side being tarnish and most of all, my dream is becoming harder to reach. All the things that is left is hope. I hope my life would become better and I pray to god that it'll be over very soon.

Yours sincerely,


Friday, October 07, 2005

New Website

I've been procrastinating..A LOT!!! I hate myself for that, maybe you hated it too when you do that to yourself. I will not brag, but small brag is quite acceptable, isn't it??hehe..I am a talented person. I have this capability of doing other people cannot do. Underpressure, I can even perform things more than my expectation. I love to read, I read a lot every single day. Unfortunately, the information is just being contained in my underutilized brain.

Recently, a major emotional roller coaster happened to me. I had a hard blow to my unstable state of emotional drive. It was something I've thought could just happen to anyone else or on the soap drama and not me. Lucky for me, after all the emotional exhaustion, I finally came through right under the nose of everyone else beside me. My private life is conserved.

Enough about my rantings. I want to show you some progress I made on one of my planned projects. It's a kick-off plan for a series of other plans that remained dormant in my project notebook. It's also one of my long term residual income that I would hope to design. I still need to learn more and most importantly, DO MORE!!!

Image hosted by

I would have never thought I could design something like what I have done. It's amazing when you just let your imagination runs wild. Well, actually it's just a template I edited and customize to my need. I'm not that talented to be creating stuff. I just made things more attractive and tune it up accordingly. Hey wait a minute, that's talent too, right?

Okay. Got loads of things to do right now. Write again some other time. One last thing, be sure to visit my new website. I have many more to come and I'll keep it posted here. Cheers...

Monday, October 03, 2005


I can't wait for a new TV series titled 'LOST' replacing 'The Rebel Billionaire;Richard Branson' which is going to be aired tonight. I was a huge fan of 'Alias' and since the producer of this new series was also the producer of 'Alias', I would love to see what going on next.

Actually, my post here isn't about that TV Series. It's about myself, let's forget about my last post where I promised to give you some screenshots etc..The game has lost its appeal to me at the moment. I know this blog is mainly about me, so I can say whatever I want or whatever I feel. I also know that each and everyone of you who are reading my blog here, deep inside yourself, you are asking yourself "Whats in it for me?". If you've never asked that to yourself, I know you must be lying. Am I right?

Okay, I'm not feeling great today for some lovey-dovey irritating stuff that happened to me earlier today. When things go wrong in the inside, your outside is also affected. In my case, my focus was lost. I had to read my motivation books to regain my focus but didn't succeeded. I'm lost and for all that I know, I think sleep would be the best cure.

Enough about my inner self. It's been a while since I photoblog. Here's a few photo for you and I to see:

Image hosted by

Last Saturday, I went to Studio Akar Karya in Damansara Uptown. The studio is owned by Sheila Majid and her current husband (forgot his name already). It's a nice place if you are into music. My friend here (The one doing vocal) along with his band regularly holds a jamming session and asked me to join as a spectator. Actually, this was the second time I came, so it was not bad. It could be better if the place is was bigger..hehe..anyway, it was nice. I known him since back in my university years, he was my housemate.

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The one wearing the pink 'tudung' is my friend's girlfriend. (Sorry for the red eye, my camera is just a basic digital camera but with a maximum of 6.3 Megapixel..hehe) Personally, I like girls wearing that kind of tudung. If I'm not mistaken, it is called 'Tudung Gipsi'. Whatever it is, I like it very much, not my friend's girl but I'm sure going to suggest my girlfriend to wear them some day..hehe..

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My leg got numbed for sitting down on the floor too long while listening to my friends jamming session, so I went to get some drinks. Oh yes, my friend music genre is..I don't know what it is but they perform Gun & Roses, Smashing Pumpkins etc..I'm no alternative kind fan but I enjoy listening to them if the radio aired them...hehe..Back to the picture, I pass by this pet shop (Now I know that petshop can really make money ohh) and I saw these tiny turtles stacking themselves up. I don't know why, maybe they wanted to get out of the small aquarium. Pity for them, if they've ever succeeded getting out, I can guarantee they'll get squashed somewhere probably a feet away. The interesting fact is, they can grow quite large in just a couple of years. Amazing isn't it?

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I'm not sure if these are mouse or some hybrid little hamsters. They look so small that I wonder , will they ever survived if I get my hands on them? Anyway, I hate these pets. Not because I don't pity them, it's because of the hard work involve in raising and taking care of them. Besides, I hate their poo..wekkk..

Image hosted by

Some pets are such adorable creatures. Let me introduce this little fella, this is Faiq. He's 2 years old and he's not my pet...haha...he is my small cousin. Isn't he cute? I hate and love cute boys...ha ha ha..

Oh well, it's bedtime and it's Monday Blues when I wake up. I wish for my morning to be enthusiastly exciting. Have a nice week everyone..

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I Made USD2.55 in 4 hours using E-Gold

I would love to thank Alia for her lovely comments on my shout out box. Yes I do love trying out something unconventional and this time, its a mind boggling one (at least for me of course). I know USD2.55 is not a big deal but when you convert it into Malaysian Ringgit, it is (With 3.8 rate) RM9.69, enough to cover my lunch plus, I'm doing it just by sitting on my desk here and wrote this blog.

Last Thursday, I bought USD15 worth of e-gold. For those of you who don't know what e-gold is, you can create a new FREE account by clicking here. All the information are there, the webpage is a clean one and quite easy to understand. So I invested some money in a good place. How did I get the 'e-gold'? I bought it from my brother who bought it from a guy in Penang. The transaction is smooth with the ease from an amazing online banking I've been using for quite some time.

I have a print screen to proof what I did, but I am feeling sleepy. So, I'll try to make it out for you in my next post. Until then, happy weekend and hopefully, the Budget 2006 isn't affecting you financially. Cheers...