Friday, September 16, 2005
Sleep..Has It Been Enough For You?

The past several days ever since I came back from my small vacation last weekend, I rend to sleep earlier than usual. I don't know for what reason but I am suspecting that my body contains more toxic than the usual. Just my guess, maybe I could be wrong.

Doing some research on google . I found very little information on why the hell do I kept on overslept the past couple of days. The information I've found is about people having difficulties to go to sleep. There isn't a relevant information for my problem.

Last year, I went to a personal development seminar (almost similar to Anthony Robbins one but different speaker and a different approach). The speaker told me that if you are very lazy to wake up in the morning, your body contains a lot of acids (your body pH level is more than 7) so it takes more time for your body to neutralize it. Logically, I think its kind of true however I havn't found the scientific report for it.

Speaking about scientific reports, I found it rather amusing than believing it. For instance, people opt for traditional medication after they gave up on the modern high tech medical solution, don't you think so?

Back to my sleeping problem. Another thing I learned from the seminar is that you need to have energy to perform (I couldn't agree more about that) and your meal you eat also contribute to the amount of energy you have. It is advisable to take more fibre, fruits rather than taking up carbohydrate. The things that bothers me here is, I have been accustomed to eat rice everyday, I can't miss a single of it. In biology, carbohydrate turns to sugar and it makes your blood full of it so your blood moves slower. Thinking about it, it could be true.

Enough about this bio-scientific stuff. I'm going to work now. Blog to you more again soon.

P/S: Tell me your ideal hours of sleep?
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