Monday, September 19, 2005
Ever heard of electronic gold?

A long time ago, I've registered myself with E-gold. Basically, e-gold is just a currency and a way to do transaction. If you look harder, there are so many of these e-currency available online. However I think e-gold is the best of their kind.

Last week, a very close friend of mine came to my house and he wanted to ask my opinion about a program he had recently join. I can't disclose what he had join but I did some heavy reading in the past about something similar to what he was telling me. For those of you who have read 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', you have known that Mr Robert Kiyosaki said about the 4 quadrants. The program my friend had joined is very relevant to the 'Investor' type.

I am still aquaring more information about this subject. I'll write more again soon.

P/S: Been busy the past several days, new projects coming in. Missing my free time already. Cheers everyone..
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