Friday, September 16, 2005
Blogathon 2005

Last year, I was an active blogger at website. Xfresh organized a Blogathon and the top 10 blogger would receive prizes complimentary of Xfresh. I managed to get 3rd place for those who didn't know..hehe..

Anyway, this year. There was a real Blogathon 2005 and its for charity. The idea was simply superb. At first I didn't know what is the Blogathon is all about. You can check it out on the faq site to get a better understanding. Unfortunately, the Blogathon take place on Saturday, August 6th at 9:00 AM EST. So its already ended.

Here is the link to Blogathon 2005 again.
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At 9/20/2005 01:49:00 pm, Blogger |dAia|

wa...i never knew u got third place...its maybe too late but well done..=)