Thursday, September 29, 2005

Small Profit

The last few days has been a discovery week for me. I'm developing something that could make me a small amount of pocket money. Best of all, the demand is quite high and if you do online banking, it's almost instantaneous transaction to fill up your bank account with 'The Dough'. Could you imagine yourself in front of the ATM machine and find out you have enough money to buy the things you've always wanted in CASH!!!!

So, be sure to stay tune to my blog to check out what I've found and tested and also some proof. See you in a couple of days.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Super Sunday

I hate the Celcom ad where they are promoting Celcom new rate plan for Sunday. I think Celcom has the highest rate to pay, but it's up the the user to determine their choices of mobile telecomunication. I prefer the cheapest..haha..

Yesterday didn't went well. Had to cancel my 'fun plan' and I slept the whole afternoon. I did had some fun by going out after watching both "The Malaysian Idol 2nd Season" and the "Final FA Cup". A few comments here, I have never voted for any SMS thing on TV. I think its a waste for my money. Better finish off my credit by calling my girlfriend..haha..for Daniel, The Malaysian Idol..Congratulations..(If Daniel were to ever read my blog..haha). Also to Selangor Football Team, congratulations (although you guys were pounded by an instant payback goal just after celebrating your winning goal..hehe)

It has been a long time since I tried my talent on programming. So, I spent a couple of hours polishing my programming and also my copywriting skills. I've been playing around with PHP programming. Its a dynamic page the opposite of a static page which is fundamentally HTML. I didn't do much actually, I am focusing on how to make money by cloaking my affiliate link. Last May 2005, I've blogged about how I make money using Clickbank. So, last week I found my photocopied cheque and you can see it for yourself below:

Image hosted by

Click on the image to enlarge

I received two of these Clickbank Cheques last year. The above is my 1st cheque, the 2nd one I didn't had the chance to photocopy it but the amount is much less. The trick to get those cheques are quite simple but for some reason, I haven't found a way yet to succeed in making the numbers bigger and it has been a more than a year my account is stuck at $0.00 . I hate myself for not doing something about it. Guess I need to get out of my comfort zone and start working out. Anyway, for Malaysian, you're not eligible to have an account as Clickbank has banned Malaysia for quite some time. So sad lah..but for you readers who are outside of Malaysia, you can sign-up and be an affiliate for free. Start cashing in by just promoting links of your favourite product.

Since my miserable failure of having problems promoting. I've made a very simple but technically fancy and so called "mini-site". I'm promoting one product that I could earn $18 per sale. That translate to nearly RM65..not bad huh..hehe..Check it out by CLICKING HERE.

It's just a simple page but took me hours to build one. I hope to make numerous pages of page like that one in much lesser time. My target right now is to get sales that can cover my car monthly installment..haha..multiple streams of income.

Hope my effort is worth it. Feel free to drop any comments..

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Slowed By Distraction

How many time do you get distracted from doing something in a day? I'm guessing, countless of time. I get distracted all the time, it is one of the main reason why I'm not rich yet. I hate the fact that my brain can only concentrate at one thing at a time. I wish I could multitask numerous things at the same time. That could free up my time of doing something I like.

Enough about my rambling. I'm doing something fun today and I hope not to get distracted. Cherio..

Monday, September 19, 2005

Ever heard of electronic gold?

A long time ago, I've registered myself with E-gold. Basically, e-gold is just a currency and a way to do transaction. If you look harder, there are so many of these e-currency available online. However I think e-gold is the best of their kind.

Last week, a very close friend of mine came to my house and he wanted to ask my opinion about a program he had recently join. I can't disclose what he had join but I did some heavy reading in the past about something similar to what he was telling me. For those of you who have read 'Rich Dad, Poor Dad', you have known that Mr Robert Kiyosaki said about the 4 quadrants. The program my friend had joined is very relevant to the 'Investor' type.

I am still aquaring more information about this subject. I'll write more again soon.

P/S: Been busy the past several days, new projects coming in. Missing my free time already. Cheers everyone..

Friday, September 16, 2005

Blogathon 2005

Last year, I was an active blogger at website. Xfresh organized a Blogathon and the top 10 blogger would receive prizes complimentary of Xfresh. I managed to get 3rd place for those who didn't know..hehe..

Anyway, this year. There was a real Blogathon 2005 and its for charity. The idea was simply superb. At first I didn't know what is the Blogathon is all about. You can check it out on the faq site to get a better understanding. Unfortunately, the Blogathon take place on Saturday, August 6th at 9:00 AM EST. So its already ended.

Here is the link to Blogathon 2005 again.
Sleep..Has It Been Enough For You?

The past several days ever since I came back from my small vacation last weekend, I rend to sleep earlier than usual. I don't know for what reason but I am suspecting that my body contains more toxic than the usual. Just my guess, maybe I could be wrong.

Doing some research on google . I found very little information on why the hell do I kept on overslept the past couple of days. The information I've found is about people having difficulties to go to sleep. There isn't a relevant information for my problem.

Last year, I went to a personal development seminar (almost similar to Anthony Robbins one but different speaker and a different approach). The speaker told me that if you are very lazy to wake up in the morning, your body contains a lot of acids (your body pH level is more than 7) so it takes more time for your body to neutralize it. Logically, I think its kind of true however I havn't found the scientific report for it.

Speaking about scientific reports, I found it rather amusing than believing it. For instance, people opt for traditional medication after they gave up on the modern high tech medical solution, don't you think so?

Back to my sleeping problem. Another thing I learned from the seminar is that you need to have energy to perform (I couldn't agree more about that) and your meal you eat also contribute to the amount of energy you have. It is advisable to take more fibre, fruits rather than taking up carbohydrate. The things that bothers me here is, I have been accustomed to eat rice everyday, I can't miss a single of it. In biology, carbohydrate turns to sugar and it makes your blood full of it so your blood moves slower. Thinking about it, it could be true.

Enough about this bio-scientific stuff. I'm going to work now. Blog to you more again soon.

P/S: Tell me your ideal hours of sleep?

Saturday, September 10, 2005


I love going on a vacation even if its a short one. I'm going down to Port Dickson to meet up with my old high schoolmate. So, I'll get back to my blog when I get back. It has been a crazy week I've went and I think I deserve to free up my mind before finding a solution on Monday. So, if you're wondering where the heck is Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan. Take a look at a map I stole somewhere..muahaha..

Image hosted by

I have no idea where my mates are going to have the gathering exactly but I do know for sure that I'm going to the beach..hehe..I have another picture on what I've been working out the past couple of days:

Image hosted by

Introducing..MY NEW CAR..I don't really like the car but its an investment for my future business I'm going to venture. I'm going to tell you the reason of what this car is about on Monday...See you soon..

Thursday, September 08, 2005

It's Heating Up

A while ago, I've been raving about my employer who employs me. Yesterday, the heat is increasing as I've been very relunctant to do some jobs given to me by him. In my mind right now is to stop working at my current company and explore something else which could be more rewarding. One good article I read said, "Even the young and inexperienced people entering the workforce were likely to change jobs a few times before they finally settled down in a company to offer their lifelong services", so I guess it is not a big deal to change job in this era of ever changing, price hiking world.

But before I do that, I need to analyze what are the pros and cons of stopping the things I'm doing. At the moment, the company is in the midst of acquiring a few projects. In fact, I've been to a few bi-monthly meeting for a university project where I blogged about. So, the project wouldn't be at halt if I still work ay my current company. I have a bright future there but the journey is unpleasantly contradict my financial goals.

Since I've managed to survive even at the moment earning a despatch boy salary, I think I have nothing to lose in terms of earning since my liability is very low. So now, what I need to do is to find a way to earn as much as what I now earn someplace else and then do whatever I wanted to do. I have my own plan for my life actually so its better to pursue our own dream rather than getting my boss dream becomes a reality. However, it is still a big decision to make. Hopefully I could go through this strongly.

P/S: I still hate my boss though..

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Do You Invest in Yourself?

I am a big fan of Self Improvement. I buy personal development books and magazine almost every month when I get my paycheck. It is sort of a personal investment for my future. More or less, I can be considered as a success junky for devouring tonnes of self improvement information but seem to get nowhere yet. Well, at least I'm getting ahead of my other peers who are in the employment world not to say that I am not.

For those of you who are a fan of Robert Kiyosaki's 'Rich Dad Poor Dad', you might probably know that the book is very dangerous for people who are not mentally prepared to get out of the 'spending world' or should I say 'Employment World'. Even as a high ranking CEO, you're still an employee. If you know the trick, you can get around that.

Today, I found this fantastic website, I can't sleep now after listening to the audio at the site. You can take a look at the website here. I spent hours trying to devour all the information there. It has nothing to do with Personal Motivation but I think the marketing information is some powerful stuff, if you put it to action of course.

As a result of that, I've made up a webpage over at my abandoned free webspace Geocities. If you have a Yahoomail account, you certainly have a geocities webspace of 15MB. It's enough to store pages of your own personal information there. Oh, the webpage that I've created can be accessed at this link. Basically, the page has nothing to do with personal development but just to give a chance to people who are looking for a Gmail Account to have one. It's my gratification to you as my blog reader.

Again, 2 links that I urge you to visit:

The Website Conversion Expert

Ashrufzz Free Gmail Invite

I have a lot of stuff to tell but I think I'll save it later. Stick around folks..
Spams..There Are People Getting Rich From Doing It!

Check out this article. Click here to read this damn article.

Amazing when people are getting more creative.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Be Your Own Boss

This is probably the sequel from my last post. Some mental note for myself, when you blog, you need to keep up with the momentum or else you'll end up procrastinate on writing and updating your blog. I've learned that 'Content' is king for a webpage so I want to keep it that way for my blog.

Going on to my story. The past few days has been a very busy moment for myself. Last Thursday, I went for a business meeting for my father's company. Frankly, I am now an employee for another company, almost the same when you join a network marketing company, the only difference is, I control it. The agreement is I run the company's operation, my brother handles the technical stuff while my father do the marketing part, pretty neat huh? Hopefully the business would go fine without my boss consent of course..hehe..

Image hosted by

That is me walking to my bike after meeting up the client. You don't want to take me as your example as any client will question a business person riding a bike to meet up with a client. You should come with at least a car..haha..

Image hosted by

Again, that is me waiting for my 2nd meeting with another client. This time, the client is planning a project for next years event. It's a political activity so I cannot reveal it to anyone yet. I think it's a ridiculous event but still, the money would be sweet. ;-P

Image hosted by

During my way back, I saw this sign that says "Botanic City". Kind of impressive if you ask me. Hopefully it'll be Botanic as it may sound.

Well, my sweet time is over. Got to get back to work to cash in some rewards. Blog to you again soon...

Friday, September 02, 2005

5 Things I Hate About My Boss

1. Being grumpy all the time

2. Giving orders and follow up on things long time being forgotten

3. Giving me big high level management assignments and expect me to overdeliver while paying me a salary of a despatch boy.

4. Showing off his CEO toys but doesn't realize how big his company's debt are.

5. Not being able to read this BLOG because he had never heard of the word BLOG before..haha..

Happy September Everyone!!