Sunday, August 28, 2005
Wedding Day

In Malay term, we call the guy on his wedding day 'The One Day King' or 'Raja Sehari'. I will one day be in that position and hopefully it'll be soon..haha..dream on. Anyway, my neighbour had her day of her life, so a few feets away from my house, the canopy were up standing and musics were heard very loud. Its like a festival just in front of my house.

Lets just take a look at the pics I took just in front of my door house:

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My house is situated on a corner lot, the thing about my housing area is, there's not enough parking spaces for cars. My house alone got 3 cars. Some neighbours have 4, but the average is 2. When I moved out sooner, I'm going to find a place with ample parking space. Enough about parking problems, the bridegroom arrived at the scene. It's 2pm in the afternoon and its hot as ever.

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The bride went to greet the bridegroom arrival. The make up of the bride is so thick, it looks like a living doll. Its a good thing that being a guy, you don't need to wear all those make-up..haha..

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The couple went in for their 'bersanding' ceremony. I can see that its unpleasantly uncomfortable for both parties. Can't imagine I am going to be when I get married. By the way, our royal colour is yellow. Nice choice of colours by both of the married couple.

I just realized that it'll take at least 20 min for me to write an entry in my blog. Sometimes it takes more than 30 min to finish off an entry. That is a long time if you ask me. What about you? How long does it takes to write your blog entry? Give me a shout, ok?
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At 8/29/2005 02:23:00 pm, Blogger |dAia|

don't like wearing makeup prepared....nanti xnak..kene pulak.haha.neway..the bridegroom x kene toll ke??haha...people don't really seem to like the idea anymore.btw..i take more than half an hour for an entry.if short of course fasterla kan...