Monday, July 25, 2005
Love Is In The Air

Part of being a human is to experience joy, sadness, excitement, horror, thrilled and a whole lot more. For me, its quite a waste if you don't do the thing you've always wanted to do. However, I would like to recommend you do some research first before doing anything that is unlawful.

A few weeks back, I saw the movie 'The Matrix' on TV3. I just love Sci-Fi movies as it challenges the scientific theory of the world of science. I think Sci-Fi program makes me more creative and think more illogical things than the normal boring logical stuff that is stuff to our brain everyday. In The Matrix, the world is just some sort of programming that is all in your head. The Matrix sequel is just ridiculous with all sort of unthinkable thing. I would prefer the movie 'The 13th Floor' with a more mind boggling theory. Anyway, enough of that crap already.

The thing here is, I love experiencing new thing. I think everyone does..but some people don't but that's another story. Recently, if you are my regular reader of my blog, I went to Penang to meet someone. Eventually I met the person last weekend and boy it was something out of this world. It's like going into The Matrix. I can't define how is it like, the best to describe is what Morpheus said to Neo on choosing which pill to take (sorry, can't remember the exact words).

So, be sure to stick around and as a conclusion, do whatever your heart tells you to do, don't hold back and strive for the best. BTW, I'm getting engage with a very good business venture. I hope I'll succeed in it. Wish me luck..
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