Monday, July 25, 2005

Love Is In The Air

Part of being a human is to experience joy, sadness, excitement, horror, thrilled and a whole lot more. For me, its quite a waste if you don't do the thing you've always wanted to do. However, I would like to recommend you do some research first before doing anything that is unlawful.

A few weeks back, I saw the movie 'The Matrix' on TV3. I just love Sci-Fi movies as it challenges the scientific theory of the world of science. I think Sci-Fi program makes me more creative and think more illogical things than the normal boring logical stuff that is stuff to our brain everyday. In The Matrix, the world is just some sort of programming that is all in your head. The Matrix sequel is just ridiculous with all sort of unthinkable thing. I would prefer the movie 'The 13th Floor' with a more mind boggling theory. Anyway, enough of that crap already.

The thing here is, I love experiencing new thing. I think everyone does..but some people don't but that's another story. Recently, if you are my regular reader of my blog, I went to Penang to meet someone. Eventually I met the person last weekend and boy it was something out of this world. It's like going into The Matrix. I can't define how is it like, the best to describe is what Morpheus said to Neo on choosing which pill to take (sorry, can't remember the exact words).

So, be sure to stick around and as a conclusion, do whatever your heart tells you to do, don't hold back and strive for the best. BTW, I'm getting engage with a very good business venture. I hope I'll succeed in it. Wish me luck..

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Boys Will Always Be Boys..

This is a picture someone forward to me earlier today. For those of you who watch "Crayon Shin Chan", it's probably quite true...haha...

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BTW..Skoopy Website isn't for those of you who are 18 years and below. However, if you feel like an 18 years and above, just click on it..haha..Have fun..

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Last week, I traveled to Butterworth in a bus. This week, I travelled all over the world in front of my PC. Last month, the search engine Giant Google launched a very amazing software. It's called Google Earth. You can download the software at this link, I just download mine this morning and I explored the globe for 2 hours straight beginning with my own backyard. The image is not so detail but it's good enough for me. Here's some screenshot I took:

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Yeah, that's Malaysia alright. A bit cloudy here and there. Last night's rain was a bit scary here in KL but I slept peacefully anyway.

Image hosted by

A close up at KL City Area.

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I got bored, so I went to New York. The feature there is amazing, it has a 3D building modeling.

Image hosted by

Went to London to find some bomb. Cannot see clearly..hehe..

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The UK, I also went to Sunderland where I went to Primary School when I was 6. I had no clue of the place.

In summary, this is an amazing software I've seen so far. I dislike GIS Software (I'm an AutoCAD,GIS user before)for it's complexity. The cons would be you need to have a decent hardware for your PC an a broadband connection or else you're not going to be anywhere plus, it's a 10MB download file to install. The most interesting part is, anyone here remembers the Movie "The Matrix" when Neo was loaded into the matrix world. It's how the software displays when you search for a city. Anyway kudos to Google for developing such promising software and best of all, it's FREE. I love Freebies...hehe...

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Events and Travel

Last weekend, I did something unexpected which I haven't done for quite a while. It's amazing how you can get motivated for someone of the opposite sex. Before I go on with my story, as usual, my career journey 1st:

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On the 28th of June, I went to Autodesk Solution Day at Sheraton Hotel & Tower in Subang Jaya. It's the same place I went the week before about Microsoft Small Business Server. This software industry is huge and I'm thinking of a plan on how I could 'dip my feet in the water' in this industry.

I'm sure most of you are getting bored of the high flying career stuff. I'm thinking of that right now..haha..anyway, move on to my story. The past few weeks, I got an SMS syndrom whereby my hand couldn't get away from my handphone. I was SMS crazee with a girl I've never met. This isn't my first time BTW plus, I like taking the risk of getting to know someone I have no idea look like. For those of you who haven't tried 'Blind Dates' before and you are a guy, you're missing out hell of an experience.

This girl that I'm supposed to meet had been in contact with me for the past 6 years. I ignored her because I think she's a bit crazy. To cut the story short, after 2 weeks of planning, I executed the plan to meet her just to get dissapointed when she didn't turned up. It was an expensive lesson I've learned as I got myself all the way up to Penang by bus just to see her (She lives in Kedah BTW). Actually, it's not that expensive (RM50 for the bus fare and RM10 for a simple makan) but the thing was, I got screwed and I wasted 5 hours waiting in an odd place. Still, on the bright side, I got to know a very smart, intelligent and business minded 26 years old girl on the way there as she sits beside me. We had a great chat on what I enjoy doing, sharing business information. Anyway, let's look at some pics now:

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The last time I was at this place (which was 7 years ago), the place was a very busy bus station linking the Jetty Ferry. I was shocked to see that only the counter is what's left of it.

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The bus station or should I say, The Bus Parking Area.

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The bus ticket booths is situated under the flyover where I waited there for like 4 hours. I finally gave up waiting and bought a ticket straight back to KL. I should've gone shopping in Komtar if the girl haven't stood me up. Oh well, you get some, you lose some, it's a natural cycle I think.

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It's good to see something that haven't changed a lot. This Rail Station is still like the old days where I took a train back to KL for like 8 hours and I was sitting between the coaches. It was some memorable trip.

If you're wondering what did happen to the girl, she called me and apologized and the usual, excuses and more excuses. The thing was, her brother took her handphone and she wasn't allowed to go out of the house. It's very hard not to buy such excuses by a nice, heart shaking, lovable voice of a young hot girl (I can say she's hot because she gave me her pics..hehe..). As a guy who reads once in a while, I need to stand strong. So, I told her to come down to KL if she wants me to forgive her. We'll see what'll happen next. Until then..keep on blogging..Cheers..