Saturday, October 09, 2004
For almost a month I haven't write anything on this blog. I've been concentrating on my other blog on a very well known website called the X-Fresh. It's basically a teen community portal however, I like to feel young by being friends with younger people.

Anyway, I have a new mission right now. Recently, I registered to participate in an Investment game done by a local magazine called Personal Money.

In this game, I am given RM100,000 to invest in unit trust. I don't even understand what unit trust is, I normally heard of it but I've never actually do anything about it. So, right now I'm educating myself about personal finance by voraciously reading a lot of material about it. I have a long way to go plus, I've changed my blog name from idrusz to since I'm using ashrufzz as my display name in the game. Therefore, I'm dedicating this blogpage as my journal where I'll record every step I've taken for the game I'm playing.

Wish me luck in this astonishing endeavour. ;-)
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