Friday, August 13, 2004
My transportation to work is by riding a motorcycle. My motorbike is an old Suzuki Best R110 manufactured back in 1988. Eventhough it's an old bike, it still gets me to wherever I want to go around the Klang Valley. I choose to use a bike simply because it's easier to maneuvre around the hustling and traffic of KL roads plus, the fuel consumption of a bike is very low. It depends on what bike you ride actually, for a 4 stroke engine bike, the fuel consumption is very much lower. Mine is a 2 stroke engine which uses a 2T oil and produces lots of white smoke, so it consumes more petrol.

Enough on the detail about my bike. Lately, I've been riding along KL road and notice a lot of things happening around on the road. I feel that riding a bike is like a 'kamikaze' act because you'll never know what will happen to you. Just now I was on the road, there were a lot of heavy vehicle on the road. It was a nightmare. Imagine the wheel of a lorry with the same height as you while you are riding on your bike. If you fall down beside the lorry while it is moving in the traffic jam, what will happen to you? It's just scary.

I've encountered numerous near accident experience. My adrenaline normally pumped hard when that happen. It is risky being on a bike. It can sometimes be fatal, however it's the most convenient transportation that I could have. Last time, I used to drive a car. If you are in KL and you've never experienced the traffic jam, I don't have anything to say to you except, "Go out there and experience it for yourself".


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At 2/22/2007 12:28:00 pm, Anonymous ZeMMs

The dangers of using a bike is exactly the main reason why I'm not using one. I'd rather drive a car than gamble my dear life just to save a few ringgits of petrol. But then again it may just be because I don't have a motorbike liscense.. huahuahua