Saturday, July 24, 2004
One of my favourite show on television is 'The Brand', it is shown on TV3 and it creates awareness of the brand we have all around us. The show is very educational especially if you wish to improve yourself. It is one way of how you can increase your value. With an increased in value, you therefore increase your demand thus more income for you.

I used to be a very shy person. In fact, until today the shyness is still there. Remaining anonymous is quite interesting, however there is a pros and cons to it. I have chosen to be more extrovert and also introvert to some extent. My personal reason is because, it's kind of ridiculous to remain anonymous when in todays technology, we can trace everyone to their DNA. If for some reason where safety is concerned, then 'yes', anonymity is important.
posted by Encik Ash at 7/24/2004 08:43:00 pm |