Monday, July 26, 2004
Mistake happen a lot. I made a mistake today and I have to pay the price for it. When bad things happen to you, the most obvious thing in your mind is "how do I get away from this?". This is a normal reaction. After a while, you get used to it and later on, you'll forget about it. We all are forgetful. We forgive and we move on. When things get remembered, that's where the problem starts.

Making mistake is not a bad thing. We learn a lot from our mistake. Successful people do literally the most mistake than anybody else. That's why they're rewarded for their mistake with success. Thomas Edison in his story did over 20,000 experiment before he suceeded inventing the light bulb. That alone is just the light bulb, not yet displaying and mass produce it to the market. People thought he was crazy when he announced to the world he invented the light bulb.

So, make mistake and improve!!!
posted by Encik Ash at 7/26/2004 07:49:00 pm |