Friday, July 16, 2004
It has been 46 days I haven't written anything in this blog. You can see how easily we can become distracted when we do something we don't really enjoy doing. Anyway, I want to try and learn to love updating my Blog. I can see that blogging can be rewarding sometimes. Let's go to
my story.

Last night was not a good night for me. Anyway, it was an experience to me. A friend of mine asked me to join him for a meeting at a mamak stall. He insisted me on the phone earlier to come and meet him, so I granted his wishes I agreed to hear what he has to say. I realized that it was a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) business opportunity but I keep my mind open to see what is it has to offer.

What happen was. The presentation was pretty much okay, my friend and his upline member convinced myself and another good friend of mine to be part of their team. They showed me all sort of stuff, income statement, cheques, brochure etc..unfortunately, I was still not impress by them. The reason I wasn't impressed because, the plan they had doesn't fit what I want. I know that with the income I can achieved with the plan, can get me what I want but the most important of all, they didn't really focused on me. They were focussing on the money I can get if I were to work out the plan. That's not really good, isn't it. I would consider of joining them if they were sincere to me, ask me questions, show me some concern, get to know me a lot better. That didn't happen at all. All they were focussing on is to get things going according to what they have in plan. I don't like that. Infact, during the presentation, I gave a lot of body language signals, voice signals that I wasn't really interested about what they're saying. My message didn't get through and I personally think, that's not good. I tried to say 'no', unfortunately I didn't want to break my friend's heart, so I replied to him that I'll be thinking about it.

From my experience, when you say "I'll think about it." you are procastinating the decision you want to make and that can create pain. If you don't follow up with them, it's already a "NO". One thing I learn is, do not focused to much on the money, focus on the value that the money can give you. People love to talk about themselves, no wonder they were so excited on giving the presentation and ignored me. The moral of the story here is MLM Business is a fantastic tool to use to earn extra income or even better, to achieve financial freedom but please be more concern on the person you're prospecting with.
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