Sunday, July 25, 2004
I love fixing thing especially technical stuff. It is kind of a satisfying feeling. I've repaired a lot of my personal things such as my watches, my car and the best of all, my computer. I also repaired a few computers belonging to friends of mine, including my boss's. However, I don't really enjoy them when it didn't work out or the things I repaired get even worse. That is why I don't dare make it as one of my side income.

I'm working on a few web pages on how I replaced my car's water pump, how I replaced my car's alternator, how I replaced my brother's car carburettor, how I cover up some dent on my car's bonet and a few more. This is coming up very soon. Who knows, I can stock them up and sell them as an e-book or something.

I was watching F1 today, so surprised to watch Kimi Raikonen lost his back wing and crashed. I am not a Ferarri fan by the way, but I do adore Ferarri's technology and reliablity. I can see that Micheal Schumacher has achieved his self-actualization, he's on top of the world right now.
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