Monday, July 26, 2004

Mistake happen a lot. I made a mistake today and I have to pay the price for it. When bad things happen to you, the most obvious thing in your mind is "how do I get away from this?". This is a normal reaction. After a while, you get used to it and later on, you'll forget about it. We all are forgetful. We forgive and we move on. When things get remembered, that's where the problem starts.

Making mistake is not a bad thing. We learn a lot from our mistake. Successful people do literally the most mistake than anybody else. That's why they're rewarded for their mistake with success. Thomas Edison in his story did over 20,000 experiment before he suceeded inventing the light bulb. That alone is just the light bulb, not yet displaying and mass produce it to the market. People thought he was crazy when he announced to the world he invented the light bulb.

So, make mistake and improve!!!

Sunday, July 25, 2004

I love fixing thing especially technical stuff. It is kind of a satisfying feeling. I've repaired a lot of my personal things such as my watches, my car and the best of all, my computer. I also repaired a few computers belonging to friends of mine, including my boss's. However, I don't really enjoy them when it didn't work out or the things I repaired get even worse. That is why I don't dare make it as one of my side income.

I'm working on a few web pages on how I replaced my car's water pump, how I replaced my car's alternator, how I replaced my brother's car carburettor, how I cover up some dent on my car's bonet and a few more. This is coming up very soon. Who knows, I can stock them up and sell them as an e-book or something.

I was watching F1 today, so surprised to watch Kimi Raikonen lost his back wing and crashed. I am not a Ferarri fan by the way, but I do adore Ferarri's technology and reliablity. I can see that Micheal Schumacher has achieved his self-actualization, he's on top of the world right now.

Saturday, July 24, 2004

One of my favourite show on television is 'The Brand', it is shown on TV3 and it creates awareness of the brand we have all around us. The show is very educational especially if you wish to improve yourself. It is one way of how you can increase your value. With an increased in value, you therefore increase your demand thus more income for you.

I used to be a very shy person. In fact, until today the shyness is still there. Remaining anonymous is quite interesting, however there is a pros and cons to it. I have chosen to be more extrovert and also introvert to some extent. My personal reason is because, it's kind of ridiculous to remain anonymous when in todays technology, we can trace everyone to their DNA. If for some reason where safety is concerned, then 'yes', anonymity is important.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Everyday for me is an interesting day. I learn something new every single day. If I don't learn something, at least I get to see, read or hear something new. That's what I've always practice everyday. I love watching TV, I've been watching TV all my life. For some people, watching TV is a waste of time. For me, watching TV is like learning while entertaining yourself. It's a wonderful experience and one the most quickest way to get information.
The message of the day is, if you want to watch TV. Open your mind to it...cheers

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The quickest way to obtain information is by reading. I heard that quote on a television while I was having breakfast this morning. Can't remember who said that but the point is, reading is the most fastest way to get informations.
I remember a time when I was crazy to learn about this new technique to 'speed reading'. I went for a course titled, 'Advanced Reading Course', they taught me how to read faster than before, not reading with high speed. The technique is very simple, if you can eliminate the internal voice while you're reading, then you'll definitely read faster.
With immense reading materials we have today, it's impossible to absorb all the information. Let's take an example. You read newspaper everyday, in the newspaper, there are different sections inside it. What you'll do is, you'll scan the entire page for words or pictures. What you're doing now is being specific. You filter out the things you don't want to know. It's nearly the same thing about speed reading, you first scan the document that you're going to read for example, the newspaper, you only read the news that you're interested. If you want to read more, I'll dedicate a webpage just for this subject later. Cheers..

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

It was a busy day today. Started of with a blown adapter for my laptop. Luckily there was another adaptor which was the printer adapter that fits just fine for the laptop. That's a relief. Stayed in the office until dark before my job is complete. It was hardwork and someone has to do it. It's also an amazing experience to work on something very new with some passionate people. Money wasn't an issue anymore although it is still important. Another amazing fantastic day awaits me tomorrow..cherio..

Monday, July 19, 2004

Everyday should be an interesting for everyone. If you realized it or not, everyday we pick up bits and pieces of information. That piece of information can both be good or bad. In order to test whether the information is good or not, we normally unconsciously do the thing we think should give out the best result for ourselves.
Today I watched my favourite TV series and the plot of the story is on a wider scale. It's like you're living in a box where there's another big box outside the box. Either way, I think we all have our own box. We can never go out the box, it's not really normal to do that. That box determines who you are. Anyway, the tv series is marvellous and I owuld like to give the series a big credit for their creativity.
I've still got an enormous opportunity to explore now. Hope to see all of you again soon...

Sunday, July 18, 2004

Today is such a good day. I cleaned up my room, did some reading and I finished up an assignment. A few weeks back, my boss's laptop was wrecked when he drop the poor thing to the floor. Luckily, the monitor wasn't damaged and the only thing that was not fuctioning was the connection from the power supply.

After I examined the laptop, the only thing that I had to do was to attach the connector socket back into the motherboard. I dismantled the laptop but I left the thing for almost 2 weeks. I only continued the work today and to my surprise, the laptop was back to normal condition except for the damaged part near the computer. I'll post some picture of it when I get my digital camera working again.

Inside the laptop was a lot of valuable information plus some personal private thing. I know it's kind of wrong to sneak into someone else's private thing but I think it's not so wrong if I were to keep it to myself and not telling everybody around, right? It reminded me of the Spiderman quote, 'With Great Power, Comes Great Responsibility'. Everyone of us have certain skill which a few people have, some people realized it, some people don't. I think I realized of what I am capable of. ;-)

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Today is a wonderful day. Normally it'll rain here in Malaysia during
the evening. luckily, there's no rain today. As usual, my online
activity starts early in the morning. After checking my e-mail, I had
lunch with my family while watching our favourite TV Programme of our
morning which is 'Dragonball'. I lost of count how many years the show
has been aired on television but I believe, it'll be another few more
years to go before the series end.

I'm still figuring out what to do to when I'm online. It's kind of hard
for me when I sit in front of the computer. Time flies just like that
especially when I'm on the net. There are too much information out
there. I'm learning how to filter out those irrelevant thing and be
serious on what I want to focus on. If anyone have some tips on how
they filter out distraction, drop me an e-mail and I would happy to
share the information with you.

Friday, July 16, 2004

It has been 46 days I haven't written anything in this blog. You can see how easily we can become distracted when we do something we don't really enjoy doing. Anyway, I want to try and learn to love updating my Blog. I can see that blogging can be rewarding sometimes. Let's go to
my story.

Last night was not a good night for me. Anyway, it was an experience to me. A friend of mine asked me to join him for a meeting at a mamak stall. He insisted me on the phone earlier to come and meet him, so I granted his wishes I agreed to hear what he has to say. I realized that it was a Multilevel Marketing (MLM) business opportunity but I keep my mind open to see what is it has to offer.

What happen was. The presentation was pretty much okay, my friend and his upline member convinced myself and another good friend of mine to be part of their team. They showed me all sort of stuff, income statement, cheques, brochure etc..unfortunately, I was still not impress by them. The reason I wasn't impressed because, the plan they had doesn't fit what I want. I know that with the income I can achieved with the plan, can get me what I want but the most important of all, they didn't really focused on me. They were focussing on the money I can get if I were to work out the plan. That's not really good, isn't it. I would consider of joining them if they were sincere to me, ask me questions, show me some concern, get to know me a lot better. That didn't happen at all. All they were focussing on is to get things going according to what they have in plan. I don't like that. Infact, during the presentation, I gave a lot of body language signals, voice signals that I wasn't really interested about what they're saying. My message didn't get through and I personally think, that's not good. I tried to say 'no', unfortunately I didn't want to break my friend's heart, so I replied to him that I'll be thinking about it.

From my experience, when you say "I'll think about it." you are procastinating the decision you want to make and that can create pain. If you don't follow up with them, it's already a "NO". One thing I learn is, do not focused to much on the money, focus on the value that the money can give you. People love to talk about themselves, no wonder they were so excited on giving the presentation and ignored me. The moral of the story here is MLM Business is a fantastic tool to use to earn extra income or even better, to achieve financial freedom but please be more concern on the person you're prospecting with.